Sophomore Fills in for Injured Varsity Quarterback

Backup Tristan Hayes steps in to replace Caden Anderson.


Edria Brummer

Varsity quarterback Caden Anderson broke a collarbone in last week’s game against Harlan.

Claire Pellett, Editor

The Atlantic Football team faces a setback as their starting quarterback Caden Anderson was injured at last Friday’s game against Harlan. Anderson, a senior, has been starting quarterback for two years. 

The injury occurred in one of the first plays of the game when Anderson was attempting to scramble out of bounds and got tackled by the opposing defense. The ball landed in between the other player and Anderson’s own collarbone. He stayed on the ground for a couple of minutes before walking off the field unassisted. 

Anderson originally thought the wind had just been knocked out of him, but his collarbone popped as he stood up. “I knew something was wrong,” Anderson said. Anderson was examined by Atlantic Athletic Trainer Andy Niemann who told Anderson he would not be able to re-enter the game. He was eventually sent to the ER to receive treatment. 

I know how much hard work [Anderson] has put in for his senior season and didn’t want it to get cut short by any sort of injury.

— Coach Brummer

“I know how much hard work he has put in for his senior season and didn’t want it to get cut short by any sort of injury,” said Head Coach Joseph Brummer. 

Sophomore Tristan Hayes was sent into the game as the backup quarterback. “It was a lot more pressure,” said Hayes, “Everyone’s relying on you.” Hayes played Varsity quarterback at the end of the game against Shenandoah.

“I thought he responded very well in the game,” said Brummer, “Coach Mullenix has also done a great job with the quarterbacks all season so that they are all ready to go in at any time at all levels.”

Anderson has been helping Hayes at practice this week by acting as his eyes and ears. “He uses his brain and kind of puts it in mine,” said Hayes.

We do the reps together kind of like a two-headed dragon.

— Quarterback Caden Anderson

Anderson explained that as Hayes is practicing against the defense, Anderson is behind him, telling him what he sees and comparing it to what Hayes sees. Anderson said, “We do the reps together kind of like a two-headed dragon.”

The Trojans face Knoxville, Saydel, and Creston for the rest of the regular season. After that, they will find out if they made the playoffs. “Caden is a great kid, one of our captains, and one of the best quarterbacks in Atlantic history, but we still have everyone else back,” said Brummer, “We still need to take care of our business and play team football just like we’ve done in the past.”