“Thank GOD For Rednecks” — A “Zombieland: Double Tap” Review

The second flick in the “Zombieland” franchise did not disappoint.


Grace Clay

Thursday, Nov. 21 was the last night “Zombieland: Double Tap” was in the Atlas Atlantic Cinema. Currently showing at the theater are “Frozen 2” and “Midway.”

Grace Clay, Editor

Released on Friday, Oct. 18, “Zombieland: Double Tap” is the sequel to “Zombieland,” released in 2009. There may be spoilers ahead so if you have not seen this hilarious zombie flick, you have been warned.

 “Zombieland: Double Tap” follows Tallahassee (played by the redneck Woody Harrelson), Columbus (played by the ever-so-versatile Jesse Eisenberg), Little Rock (played by the oh-so-familiar-looking Abigail Breslin), and Wichita (played by the witty Emma Stone). They are a ragtag group of people who happen to meet during the zombie apocalypse in the 2009 “Zombieland” film. 

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not usually one for zombie flicks. In fact, I had originally gone to the theater that night to see the other movie, “Playing With Fire.” I tend to steal clear of these zombie flicks because of “The Walking Dead.” Long story (ha, get it?). Anyway, I ended up enjoying this movie, even though I still had not watched the first film. Because of my new-found love for the franchise, I watched it the next day. It was really funny, and had a comfortable mix of intellectual humor, paired with the gory humor. This was the only thing I could stand in the 2018 “Halloween” movie. 

I loved how they had referenced (and kind of made fun) of the 2009 “Zombieland” movie with repeating lines like “Thank GOD for rednecks” and “Nut up and shut up,” which were both repeated by Tallahassee, and both made fun of by Wichita. It is also kind of weird that Eisenberg just didn’t age between the two movies, and Harrelson almost seemed to get younger. 

In my opinion, the second flick was superior over the first. In the first movie, Tallahassee and Columbus chase after Witchita and Little Rock, despite them obviously not wanting to be around them. The Bill Murray parts were definitely the best part of the first movie.

The second “Zombieland” film was produced better. Just everything was better about the sequel. It was funnier (with the exception of the Bill Murray parts in the first one) and it looked better (but that could just be the difference in when it was made). The second film made fun of pacifists. I don’t know why that makes it better than the first one, but it does. 

I would definitely recommend this movie to people who love gore that is mixed in with a low-key intellectual humor.