Back at it Again with Michael Myers — Review

The 40 year long “Halloween” franchise has yet another addition.


Grace Clay, Editor

I’m going to begin by stating the obvious: there are spoilers in this story. I literally explain the whole plot in this review. I would not recommend reading this unless you have seen the movie or you never plan on watching the movie. If you do plan on watching the movie someday, LEAVE NOW or forever hold your peace. Since that’s out of the way, sit back, relax, and enjoy the train wreck that I believe “Halloween” is.

Now, hear me out, when I say train wreck, I don’t mean that it was a terribly made movie. I simply mean that there really wasn’t a plot or a point to the movie. The movie starts by showing two reporters who they make you think are the main characters, but in all actuality, they end up being in the movie for about ten minutes total but that’s not the point.

These two reporters then go to the place where Michael Myers was being held, and all is fine until the guy decides, “hey, let’s bring his old mask to him and see how he reacts.” Low and behold, everyone except Myers goes bat poop crazy. Then like two minutes later, these two reporters leave the place and Myers is being transferred to a new facility where his crazy psychiatrist said they would “treat him unfairly.” How else are you supposed to treat a psychopath who kills his sister and random other people without having a specific motive, pal? While they’re transferring all the psychos in this one bus, Myers escapes (I mean, he’s literally the main character, of course he does). Now, the bus is on the side of the road, all the psychos are walking around, bumping into each other like they’re all high on morphine and don’t know what is going on, then this truck with a father and son duo in it stop to see if anyone is hurt. Then, you guessed it, they’re murdered and never spoke of again throughout the entirety of the rest of the movie.

So, from this point, Myers has started his killing spree. Once he travels into the nearest town, where his “favorite victim” (according to the synopsis of “Halloween II”), Laurie, lives, as well as her daughter and granddaughter. So, at this point it’s now Halloween night, and we’ve met her granddaughter, Allyson, and a few of her friends and there’s also a Halloween dance that two of them go to (dressed as Bonnie and Clyde with a twist) but the guy kisses another girl and that (obviously) breaks his girlfriend’s heart and she leaves the dance with their other friend. They decide to take a shortcut (worst decision to make when there is literally a serial killer on the loose) and the friend dies (because who doesn’t in this movie?). Now, Allyson is running through the town, screaming, and there’s literally no one around which is really weird considering it’s Halloween but maybe it’s after the trick or treating time of the town. Suddenly, the Sheriff caught up with her with Myers psychiatrist with him.

So, these three people start driving around in the sheriff’s cop car looking for Michael Myers, and the psychiatrist starts yelling “Michael!” out the car window like he’s going to respond. This guy hasn’t spoken a word since he killed his sister at age six, it’s doubtful he’s going to start now. I swear Michael Myers is an alien. I mean, how else would he survive everything he’s survived, in which case maybe he should consider going into the superhero business. Or world domination, I would totally watch that movie. 

Now, while those people are driving around looking for Michael Myers, they switch the scene to Laurie’s house where they are down in her basement, loading guns and working on decades-old traps to set. Finally, we’re nearing the end of the movie (thank God) and there’s a massive fight between Micheal, Laurie, Karen, and Allyson. Allyson joined the fight fairly late in the game but still played a fairly large role in defeated the monster called Micheal. It did a pretty good job at getting and keeping the audience on the edge of their theater seats. 

In all honesty, the two worst things about it are all the movies that came before this particular installment and that the plot isn’t very distinguishable. It’s okay but it is definitely not my favorite movie in the entire world. However, I can understand why people have enjoyed it.