FAR EAST MOVEMENT: Up-and-coming Artist –Review by Behka Koontz

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If you listen to radio, watch TV or surf the web, chances are you’ve heard “Like a G6.”  This song is taking the nation by storm, creating fans for the band Far East Movement over night.

Far East Movement describes their music as “Free Wired,” as it is a cross of hip-hop, pop, electro and other genres.  Far East Movement is made up of four band members; all of Asian decent.  They can often be seen wearing skinny jeans and shutter shades.  They say they always stay free to “’geek out’ 25 hours a day, eight days a week.”  Far East Movement has already put out their debut CD named “Free Wired.”  (Which is available at Walmart and other local stores.)  Their CD has received high marks for its individuality and new sound.  Songs from this CD and others unreleased have been showcased in shows such as CSI, The Fast and the Furious, America’s Best Dance Crew, and Gossip Girl.

Far East Movement is on its way up and Atlantic High School will be waiting for their next hit song.

Source: http://www.fareastmovement.com/bio/

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