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Open Sesame States

This map of Iowa was shown during press conferences held by Governor Kim Reynolds. The counties in grey will begin reopening on May 1.

Ariel Clark, Editor

May 1, 2020

As days fade to months, people have already begun to grow impatient with the current world pandemic. Small businesses are sinking with the lack of financial support needed to survive this quarantine. While the number of job losses in America is still fluctuating, it is estimated to be anywhere betwee...

Cloth Face Masks Helping Stop the Spread

Cloth face masks have grown in popularity around town, as well as the country. Many community members have donated their time and materials to create these helpful devices.

Da'Jai Wesson, Editor

April 16, 2020

With COVID-19 proving itself to be contagious, it’s important to take a number of precautions in order to stop the spread. The CDC has recommended a number of safety measures to take, like social distancing, washing your hands, and sanitizing surfaces. One of the more recent recommendations is to we...

Straining Against Corona

On the latest episode of

Ariel Clark, Editor

March 17, 2020

Presenting the infected with flu-like symptoms such as fever and coughing, a new strain of the coronavirus, called COVID-19, has presented itself to mankind. The virus is known as “zoonotic,” meaning that it passes between animals and humans. Research by the World Health Organization finds that cert...

The Environmental Impact of AHS

While there are paper recycling bins throughout the classrooms at AHS, there is only one dedicated to plastic.

Grace Clay, Editor

March 17, 2020

Climate change has been a topic of conversation for over 30 years. Lately, it’s been talked about even more, especially with people like Leonardo DiCaprio and Greta Thunburg advocating for the fight. Earth science teacher Kathy Hobson said she thinks the school’s carbon footprint is average and “we a...

Gun Safety and Why Education is Necessary — OPINION

Junior Molly McFadden shares her opinion on gun violence, as well as education on the subject.

Molly McFadden, Editor

March 11, 2020

I believe that gun violence in the United States has gotten out of hand. We have become used to seeing mass shootings in the news. When and how are we going to make this stop? I grew up in Iowa with family members who live on a farm. They have guns. My dad got me a pink BB gun for my eighth birthd...

Another One Bites the Dust

Mayor Pete Buttigieg shares his ideas during a campaign stop in Atlantic. Buttigieg dropped out of the race before Super Tuesday.

Camryn Church, Editor

March 6, 2020

This week has been the defining week for some of the presidential candidates, with Super Tuesday’s results leaving only a few left in the race. Senator Elizabeth Warren dropped out on Thursday, March 5. Former Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Senator Amy Klobuchar, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg also ended their camp...

The Tobacco Law Change

The law change prohibits people under 21 years of age from buying tobacco products. It was enacted on Friday, Dec. 20.

Jayden Ford, Staff Writer

March 5, 2020

The United States Food and Drug Administration raised the official minimum age to buy tobacco products like cigarettes, vapes, and chewing tobacco from 18 to 21. President Donald Trump signed the new age limit into effect on Friday, Dec. 20 as part of a larger government funding bill. Even if a user wa...

Caucus Season Kicks Off in Iowa Tonight

Presidential-hopeful Pete Buttigieg speaks to Atlantic residents last fall. Buttigieg is third in the latest Iowa poll, with 15.5 percent.

Camryn Church, Editor

February 3, 2020

The United States looks to Iowa on Monday, Feb. 3, as the nation’s first caucus kicks off. As the Iowa caucus is the first in the country, it sets an example for other states. A caucus is when voters from all 1,774 Iowa voting precincts meet to elect delegates to the county conventions. Caucus-goer...

On the Brink of War?

Many memes were made regarding the situation between the United States and Iran.

Camryn Church, Editor

January 10, 2020

Tensions are high after President Donald Trump gave the orders to assassinate Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani. Iran’s response was sending missiles to two Iraqi military bases, which were hosting United States forces. No one was injured in the attacks against the United States. House of Repr...

Australia Taken Over by Bushfires

As a result from the fires, the skies have turned scary colors in Australia.

Grace Clay, Editor

January 9, 2020

Over the course of the last several months, Australia has been affected by terrible fires. Since last week, the fires have gotten worse. According to BBC, Australia has had “record-breaking heat and months of severe drought.” These fires started burning in September, but they have become worse o...

Beauty Icon James Charles Rises to Fame

Beauty Icon James Charles Rises to Fame

Kayla Mauk and Callie Richter

May 21, 2018

Not only is James Charles 17 years old and not yet graduated from high school, he was also named the world’s first-ever male ambassador for American cosmetic brand CoverGirl in 2016. As a young teen, Charles built a beauty empire with the YouTube videos he created at home, most notably his entertai...

Opioid Epidemic Continues in the US

QUESTIONS? - Information about opioids is available in the nurse's office.

Alex Harper and Katie Schmitt

April 27, 2018

Opioids have taken over as a quick way to get high in America. There are several types of opioids, both legal and illegal. Some examples include heroin, codeine, morphine, fentanyl and oxycodone. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “All opioids are chemically related and interact with opioi...

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