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SAAC - The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is made up of 14 girls from all corners of Iowa. The girls met at the IGHSAU headquarters in Des Moines.
Empowering Today to Lead Tomorrow
Claire Pellett, AHS Needle Lead Editor • April 30, 2024

FOCUS - Junior Hailey Huffman focuses on nocking her arrow to get the perfect shot. Huffman  made sure her stance was strong and her bow arm did not shake. Huffman shot 3D where she shot all the different animals at all different distances.
Archery Is On the Rise
Anna Potts, Editor • February 23, 2024

Archery- in its tenth year at AHS, the sport is gaining numbers and more of its events are gaining publicity. On Feb. 25, Atlantic is hosting...

Fletcher Toft and Megan Birge dance with glee as vampire villian siblings plotting to kill human students. The play New Kids at Vampire High will be performed on Friday and Saturday nights at 7 p.m. and 2 p.m. on Sunday.
The Point Episode 11: Spring Play Special
Ella Meyer and Kate NicholsMarch 15, 2024

Hosts Ella and Kate talk with some members of the upcoming spring play "New Kids at Vampire High." Music by AHS graduate Evan Brummer.

IHSSA State Debate last January.
The Road to National Qualifiers
Alyssa Neal, Writer/Editor • February 9, 2024

It’s that time of year when AHS Speech and Debate heads to National Qualifiers, or “nat quals” as the team likes to call them. There are...

The Point Episode 14: Goodbye Seniors
Kate Nichols and Ella MeyerMay 15, 2024

Hosts Kate and Ella talk with AHS seniors about their high school career and their futures. Music by AHS graduate Evan Brummer. This...

THINK ABOUT IT - Kylie Templeton contemplates her answer as she takes one of the Intro to Journalism students quiz.
Buzzfeed Quizzes 2023-2024
Intro to Journalism StudentsMay 9, 2024

Annabelle Meyer and Aubrey Winford: What AHS Car Parker Are You? Aunika Darrow and Rylee Bengel: What Type of Lift Style Are You? Addison...


Jobs for Teens to Consider in Atlantic, Iowa

Students of AHS share the best places to work while being a high school student.
Ali Williams
#DON’TDROPTHEUGGS – Balance is key for senior Abby Muller. She beat the challenge of carrying previously tried-on Uggs back to the stockroom. She was at her job at Brown’s Shoe Fit Co.

Sitting around a lot lately, and looking for something to do? Well here are some of the jobs that Atlantic High School students enjoy the most. Junior Mabry Ohm said, “I really enjoy working at Walmart, and being able to get paid for my 15 minute breaks. The scheduling is super open and flexible to fit all of the school activities going on.” The hiring process for Ohm took her about four months to get hired. Ohm makes $15 an hour. She said, “I like that the people aren’t so uptight.” Ohm works every weekend and normally three days a week, you’ll often see Ohm working the cash register on her eight hour shifts. The only thing Ohm as a minor can’t do is work big machinery located in the back of the store.

I really enjoy working at Walmart, and being able to get paid for my 15 minute breaks.”

— Mabry Ohm

Working to help the elderly is one of Sophomore Nevaeh Fewson’s biggest goals in life. “I like the relationships I have developed with them throughout working there.” Fewson has been working at the Heritage House for about a year and a half and her starting wage was $12.50. Her work has flexible scheduling since Fewson is still in high school, and is very understanding. Fewson’s role while working her four to eight hour shifts is a dietary assistant, meaning as a waitress she takes the resident’s their meals and cleans up after they have left. Then Fewson is able to take her 15 minute meal break followed by her 30 minute break. Fewsons favorite memory while working at the Heritage House was taking a resident to get their nails done and then going out to eat with her coworker, Jocey Mcentaffer. 

I like the relationships I have developed with them throughout working there.”

— Nevaeh Fewson

Udderly Delicious is the most popular ice cream shop in Atlantic. Sophomore, Ryley Kuhns works at Udderly during the summer and says “I enjoy working with friends and having very understandable bosses.” Kuhns has worked at Udderly for two years and is able to run everything inside of the shop, including register, food, ice cream, toppings, and mixing. Kuhns shifts are four to five hours long and her pay is $11 an hour. “My bosses aren’t very flexible when it comes to scheduling but will let us request days off,” said Kuhns. Her usual attire involves shorts or leggings with an Udderly shirt and her hair up. Kuhns said, “My job gets stressful when it gets busy, so I just like to work at the cash register.” If you’re looking for a stable summer job, Kuhns highly recommended working at Udderly.  

As a stable first job, freshman Dane Wiederstein recommended Scooters. He has been working at Scooters for a little over a month and said, “I enjoy working with my friends.”‘ On Wiedersteins four to six hour shifts he gets paid $11 dollars an hour.  During Wiederstein’s shifts his role is to take peoples orders on the headset and work the window, or he is in the background preparing food and drinks. Wiederstein says that his bosses are the ones who handle the scheduling. His attire at Scooters is black pants, black shirt, and an apron. Wiederstein’s favorite moments at work are working with his good friend Maddie. “We are always laughing and having fun.” Wiederstein said this job is for people who are able to handle things by themselves when the place gets busy.

We are always laughing and having fun.”

— Dane Wiederstein

Having a job in high school can be a lot to handle, but when you find the right place with the right people, it can be fun! Although high-schoolers have very busy schedules, Atlantic offers many jobs where your needs can be met.

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About the Contributors
Rylee Bengel
Rylee Bengel, Staff Writer
Rylee Bengel is a sophomore at Atlantic High School. Bengel has taken Journalism 1 and is currently enrolled in Journalism 2. She enjoys journalism because she is with her friends. Her favorite memory in journalism so far is writing her ceiling tile story. Bengel has two sisters and a dog. In her free time, she enjoys playing with her dog, hanging out with friends and doing self care activities such as tanning and getting her hair and nails done. She is also a wrestling manager. In the warmer months, you can find Bengel working at Utterly Delicious. Bengel said “finding out someone punched a hole in the wall” is her favorite high school memory. After high school, Bengel is considering attending DMACC college to pursue a career in the medical field.  Bio by Maddy Anderson
Aunika Darrow
Aunika Darrow, Staff Writer
Aunika Darrow is a sophomore at AHS and a proud JP student. This is her second semester in journalism and she is looking forward to staying involved throughout the rest of high school. Darrow’s favorite thing to do in journalism is take pictures. Her favorite journalism memory is taking pictures at a girls' wrestling meet for the yearbook. She has written an editor bio for Keeley Pedersen and two stories with Rylee Bengel. One was about the ceiling tiles in Allison Berryhill’s room and the other was about teen jobs around Atlantic. Darrow joined journalism because it’s an easy class and it has a good environment where she gets to spend time with her friends. Darrow enjoys the creative freedom she has when she writes stories and takes pictures. Outside of journalism, she spends her time managing basketball and playing softball and tennis. Some of her hobbies include working at the heritage house and spending her free time with her friends. In the future, Auni hopes to take more photographs for the yearbook and AHS Needle.  Bio by Addie Freund
Ali Williams
Ali Williams, Staff Writer
Ali Williams, a sophomore at AHS, participates in volleyball, cheerleading, track, dance, and journalism. Ali has been pursuing her dance career since she was "two years old," and she says she loves "experiencing new things" and having "many opportunities" in life. Williams's best dance memory is of "the first time doing a solo," which she did when she was eight years old. Williams reads, works out, and takes drives in her spare time. Her favorite thing about her drives is that they are "calm and peaceful," and she enjoys having "freedom" to travel around the town. Williams first chose to do journalism because her mother had been in the yearbook during her high school years and had always "talked about it being fun." This inspired Williams to try journalism and "see what she saw" in the classroom. An achievement of Williams's is getting into honors classes. Williams wants to help people by becoming a physical therapist when getting out of high school but is unsure of where to go for college.  Bio by Audrianna Bayona

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