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Merry Birthdays

AHS students talk about the pro’s and con’s of their birthdays being close to Christmas.
Claire Pellett
Many students of AHS struggle with having a birthday so close to Christmas but others enjoy the festivities.

Imagine having your birthday one week, and then having Christmas 10 days later. How would you feel about that? Have you ever even thought about what that would be like? If not, this happens to many of Atlantic’s students every year, so here’s what a few of them have to say about it. 

One AHS student who finds trouble in having their birthday so close is junior JJ Mcdaniel. His birthday is only 11 days before the big 25th of December. He tends to struggle with getting “double gifts” from friends and loved ones since he asks for what he wants at the same time. Another issue for him is sometimes he doesn’t get to celebrate one of the two important days. Can you imagine having to choose whether you want your loved ones to sing “Happy Birthday” or “Jingle Bells?”

Looking on the brighter side, sophomore Ryley Kuhns said, “Getting more celebrations and seeing my family” is a positive of having her birthday only 10 days after Christmas. Plus, Kuhns does get to do one thing that not many people experience. Instead of celebrating her birthday and Christmas separately, her grandparents combine the two by getting her a Christmas-themed cake, decorations, and of course, lots of presents. 

“Once you are used to it, it’s really not that bad,” said sophomore Ellie Butler. Since Christmas is the holiday she “loves the most,” she said it doesn’t bother her that much. However, even though her birthday is Dec. 3, she agreed that sometimes “Christmas takes over” and it doesn’t feel like her birthday anymore as many people begin celebrating the holiday right away in December.

In general, most people can find many positives and negatives of having some very merry birthdays. However, there’s no changing your birthday so hopefully anyone who can relate to this can find some positives and have a very merry birthday!

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About the Contributors
Ali Williams
Ali Williams, Staff Writer
Ali Williams, a sophomore at AHS, participates in volleyball, cheerleading, track, dance, and journalism. Ali has been pursuing her dance career since she was "two years old," and she says she loves "experiencing new things" and having "many opportunities" in life. Williams's best dance memory is of "the first time doing a solo," which she did when she was eight years old. Williams reads, works out, and takes drives in her spare time. Her favorite thing about her drives is that they are "calm and peaceful," and she enjoys having "freedom" to travel around the town. Williams first chose to do journalism because her mother had been in the yearbook during her high school years and had always "talked about it being fun." This inspired Williams to try journalism and "see what she saw" in the classroom. An achievement of Williams's is getting into honors classes. Williams wants to help people by becoming a physical therapist when getting out of high school but is unsure of where to go for college.  Bio by Audrianna Bayona
Claire Schroder
Claire Schroder, Staff Writer
Claire Schroder is a Staff Writer of the journalism team. She joined journalism to be involved in the photography portion. Journalism has helped me with my communication skills by having to interview people for stories," said Schroder. This has grown her confidence and ability to share her ideas.  Schroder said, I try to gauge people and draw them into the story." This is what makes her stories as she gets to the point." Her favorite piece she has written is the National Convention story. She said, I got to share the story of how we raised money for tips that we got to give to our servers when we went out to eat.  Schroder is also involved in softball, volleyball, FFA, 4-H, and she tends to sheep, rabbits, cats, dogs, chickens, and ducks. She is also employed at Brown's Shoe Fit.

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