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SAAC - The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is made up of 14 girls from all corners of Iowa. The girls met at the IGHSAU headquarters in Des Moines.
Empowering Today to Lead Tomorrow
Claire Pellett, AHS Needle Lead Editor • April 30, 2024

FOCUS - Junior Hailey Huffman focuses on nocking her arrow to get the perfect shot. Huffman  made sure her stance was strong and her bow arm did not shake. Huffman shot 3D where she shot all the different animals at all different distances.
Archery Is On the Rise
Anna Potts, Editor • February 23, 2024

Archery- in its tenth year at AHS, the sport is gaining numbers and more of its events are gaining publicity. On Feb. 25, Atlantic is hosting...

Fletcher Toft and Megan Birge dance with glee as vampire villian siblings plotting to kill human students. The play New Kids at Vampire High will be performed on Friday and Saturday nights at 7 p.m. and 2 p.m. on Sunday.
The Point Episode 11: Spring Play Special
Ella Meyer and Kate NicholsMarch 15, 2024

Hosts Ella and Kate talk with some members of the upcoming spring play "New Kids at Vampire High." Music by AHS graduate Evan Brummer.

IHSSA State Debate last January.
The Road to National Qualifiers
Alyssa Neal, Writer/Editor • February 9, 2024

It’s that time of year when AHS Speech and Debate heads to National Qualifiers, or “nat quals” as the team likes to call them. There are...

The Point Episode 14: Goodbye Seniors
Kate Nichols and Ella MeyerMay 15, 2024

Hosts Kate and Ella talk with AHS seniors about their high school career and their futures. Music by AHS graduate Evan Brummer. This...

THINK ABOUT IT - Kylie Templeton contemplates her answer as she takes one of the Intro to Journalism students quiz.
Buzzfeed Quizzes 2023-2024
Intro to Journalism StudentsMay 9, 2024

Annabelle Meyer and Aubrey Winford: What AHS Car Parker Are You? Aunika Darrow and Rylee Bengel: What Type of Lift Style Are You? Addison...



AHS bonds over a coin war pie in the face on November 22, 2023.
Kylie Templeton
Teacher Anna Pauley offers a towel to para-educator Mallory Kirchhoff at the conclusion of the assembly Wednesday.

SPLAT! The whipped cream hit three AHS educators’ faces. On Nov. 22, 2023, Atlantic High School concluded its fundraiser for the Atlantic Food Pantry. The fundraiser took place over the course of a week and a half and raised 150 dollars and 26 cents. 

Three educators were pied, one of whom was an organizer of the event, Mr. Bryce Smith. Smith got pied by one of his seminar students. He decided to play a trick with this student, since it was his second time getting ‘pied’ for an event, and pulled out an “uno reverse card.” He then attempted to push the pie pan full of whipped cream into the student’s face, though it ultimately ended up smushing into Smith’s beard. His seminar got second place in the overall competition, raising “almost 50 bucks,” according to Smith.

Kylie Templeton

The “coin war” according to Mrs. Anna Pauley was organized by the Climate Culture Student committee. In this event, each seminar had a jar that students (and faculty) could put money into. Each coin was attributed to a number of points. This meant pennies were one point, nickels were five, and every dollar put in would subtract points. This gave other seminars a chance to “sabotage” seminars that were leading the coin war, according to Pauley. Closer to the end, many students decided to sabotage other classes by placing bills in opposing teachers’ jars.

Students got the opportunity to “pie” these teachers by spraying whipped cream into a pie dish and then plunging it into the face of the selected teacher. Junior Tristan Hayes pied Ms. Mallory Kirchhoff in the face. Hayes said, “I wanted to pie someone in the face because I thought it’d be fun and I enjoy making people laugh.” Although he’s “never pied anyone in the face before,” he enjoyed pieing Kirchhoff because “we had to settle some beef,” Hayes said. Sophomore Calianda Thompson also pied an educator in the face. “It was a very fun experience,” she said.

Overall, the students and faculty of AHS enjoyed witnessing and participating in the coin war, and its outcome for both the Atlantic Food Pantry and the Atlantic High School Community.

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Alix Nath
Alix Nath, AHS Needle Editor
Alix Nath is a junior editor for the senior magazine and AHS Needle who likes to “dabble in a little bit of everything”, including The Javelin. Nath credits their brother Felix Nath, a 2022 AHS graduate, as the biggest inspiration for why they joined the journalism program. Nath’s proudest journalism accomplishment is their work on the senior magazine during their sophomore year. They made several writing contributions, major edits that aided the production of the magazine, and felt “really proud of how [the senior magazine] ended up because of the effort everyone put into it.” Nath’s journalism work strives to capture the “things you wouldn’t normally see,” shining extra light on the behind-the-scene processes of well-known events. Their tendency to dabble goes further than journalism. Nath is an active participant in AHS theatre - usually working as crew or tech, - speech and debate, concert band, marching band as a member of the color guard, and QSA. They draw happiness from school activities as well as their three cats and two dogs. A quote that would describe Nath and their passions best is, “I’m not always the best at things, but I try my best at things.”   By J. Molina
Kylie Templeton
Kylie Templeton, Social Media
AHS junior Kylie Templeton is a Business and Social Media Manager for AHS Journalism. This is her second year of Journalism. She joined because everyone said it was so fun, and she loves Ms. Berryhill, “She is such a bright light,” she said. Her favorite memory of journalism is going to Media Now Camp held at Drake University in Des Moines, IA. “I learned a lot about social media.” She said, “We are working on making our social media platform more serious than it has been in the past.” Outside of journalism she is involved in Dance classes at Villa Dance Company. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with friends, shopping and getting her nails done. She has one older brother Dayton (19) and her parents are Jay and Kristen Templeton. Story by Jayci Reed

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