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What’s Your Roman Empire?

A new TikTok trend has students and teachers wondering what their “Roman Empire” is.
Addie Freund
Roman Empire books are stacked in the library. The TikTok trend has been circling for many weeks now.

The Roman Empire. This is a topic that seems to be on every guy’s mind lately. Think back, has the Roman Empire ever crossed your mind? If not, what is your Roman Empire?  

Recently, TikTok’s “For You” pages have been filled with viral videos of girlfriends asking their boyfriends how often they think about the Roman Empire. Without fail, most say once a day or once a week. The question is, why? Some say that males think about it because the idea of conquering and governing an entire empire is enticing. Others say the fall of the Empire was one of the more interesting aspects of the time period. AHS teachers and students shared how often they think about the Roman Empire and why they think about it. 

“I think about it at least once a day, maybe 20 times per week,” sophomore Xander Cook said. His thoughts of the Roman Empire are based off of the people in it, the architecture, and that the thought put into the Empire caught his eye.

Sophomore Colin Rudy said he thinks about it almost monthly. He agreed with Cook, the architecture and thought put into the whole operation interested him.

I think about it at least once a day, maybe 20 times per week,

— Xander Cook

Senior Korbin Johnson thinks about the empire on the daily. He said, “It’s a part of our heritage,” referring to our mascot, the Trojan. In Johnson’s eyes, the Trojans were a part of the Roman Empire and AHS should take pride in that fact. 

The Roman Empire is not limited to students. AHS custodian Rich Smith, never thinks about the Roman Empire. However he said that his equivalent is that he thinks about his biggest regret often. Smith shared that he regrets not going into the military.

Another crucial point of view is those who have studied the Roman Empire before. Trace Peterson’s substitute, Cody McCreedy is a history major and he thinks about the Roman Empire two or three times a week. He described the Roman Emperors as, “the wack jobs that were the leaders.” He also discussed the correlations, similarities, and parallels between their government and some of our modern governmental systems. 

Although not everyone thinks about the Roman Empire. Alivia Knuth, a freshman, subconsciously thinks about Australia. “It’s just in the middle of nowhere,” Knuth said.

An AHS sophomore, Zoey Kirchhoff, thinks about the possibilities of getting kidnapped or murdered and her “what-ifs” in the back of her mind.

Whether it’s possible situations or the actual Roman Empire, it seems that AHS has a lot on their mind, including their own “Roman Empires.”

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