Fire Alarm Deemed Accidental

The second false alarm in two weeks went off Tuesday morning.


Kenzie Hoffman

A firetruck arrived at AHS Tuesday morning in response to an alarm. There was no actual fire.

Kenzie Hoffman and Laney Brosam

A fire alarm triggered the school-wide exodus of Atlantic High School Tuesday during first-period classes.  Principal Heather McKay said, “Equipment was being moved in the band room and the [fire alarm] pull station was accidentally bumped into.”  The alarm system didn’t detect a fire, but police officers and a fire truck arrived on scene out of precaution.  “I think it’s helpful to remind everyone to get out of the building immediately in situations like this,” McKay said. 

Freshman Michael Wallace was in Foods class when the fire alarm went off.  “I was very worried and felt nauseous when I realized the alarm wasn’t a drill,” Wallace said.  “I’m relieved that it was an accident.” 

Pullquote Photo

Mr. O’Donnell immediately told everyone to get outside and I felt a huge rush of adrenaline.

— Sophomore Braden Spurr

Sophomore Braden Spurr was in the band hallway location when the incident took place.  “Someone was putting away a music stand and bumped into the pull station,” Spurr said.  “Mr. O’Donnell immediately told everyone to get outside and I felt a huge rush of adrenaline.”  Spurr is thankful that there wasn’t an actual fire.  

Trace Peterson, American History teacher, was in his prep period when the alarm went off.  “I assumed it was a prank or accident,” Peterson said.  He then realized after the police and fire truck showed up that something must have happened.  Peterson said he thought perhaps it was a fire.  He said he was thankful that it wasn’t a fire so he could return to his classroom and continue the day teaching his “freshies.” 

This is the second time in two weeks that students have emptied the building in response to an accidental alarm. An alarm was triggered at the end of the school day on Thursday, Feb.24. That alarm was also caused by an inadvertent bumping of a hallway pull station.

Students and staff were outside for about 15 minutes before the building was okayed for readmittance today.