A Look into College During COVID-19

Four AHS graduates share how their first year of college is going.


Brooke Thompson

Four members of the class of 2020 share how their experience at college has been. Madison Fell, Reagan Pellett, Brody O’Brien, and Cyle Renaud discuss the challenges of living on campus during a pandemic.

Brooke Thompson, Staff Writer

A question many people ask as past students return home during the fall season is “How is College going?” Four graduates, Madison Fell, Reagan Pellett, Brody O’Brien, and Cyle Renaud, share how their experience is going so far.

Brody O’Brien is going to Briar Cliff. According to O’Brien, college is going “really fast, but it sucks with all the COVID-19 restrictions.” He also said he enjoys college so far. The only extra curricular that he is involved in is baseball. There are certain times that they have to wear masks and the team avoids practicing as a whole team due to COVID-19. O’Brien said, “My classes are going pretty well. Don’t listen to your teachers when they say that college is way harder than high school”. 

Cyle Renaud is going to DMACC on the Boone Campus. Renaud said “college is not how I expected to be because of COVID-19”. At DMACC they have heavy restrictions. The students can’t have anyone in their rooms, have to wear a mask everywhere, and if a DMACC student gets caught with people then he or she would be expelled. Renaud enjoys being on his own and doing things himself, however he has found the learning experience to be poor. He siad that there is no help, it is hard to contact teachers, and the internet is bad. Renaud said “homework is hard to get done.” He is involved in golf.

Reagan Pellett is at the University of Iowa. Pellett is loving college so far and said it’s “so much fun.” There are some restrictions including mask mandates in the residence halls, in all classes, and even outside when any Iowa student goes downtown. Most of Pellets’ classes are online at the moment. ‘It’s kind of hard but I’m adjusting,” Pellett said.

Madison Fell is at Southwestern Community College in Creston. Fell said, “The college experience isn’t what all I expected seeing that COVID-19 has put a lot of restrictions on what can be done on campus.” Usually Creston has in person activities for all the students on campus to attend, but now they have to do all the classes online. Because of these restrictions Fell said, “it sucks because I can’t meet new people.” Southwestern does not allow visitors at this time. Besides the sense of isolation, Fell enjoys college and being able to go off on your own. “Being responsible for yourself is a huge deal for me,” said Fell.