Quarantine Pets

The adoption of pets increased by 122% between March 15 and April 15.


Aubrey Guyer

Aubrey Guyer’s pup Oakley brings her joy during COVID.

Caden Anderson, Staff Writer

In March and April many people got used to being stuck at home all day and some decided to make the best of this situation by getting a new pet. With citizen’s social calendar being clearer than ever, some replaced seeing people with seeing animals instead. According to The New York Times, the adoption of pets increased by 122% between March 15 and April 15. Dogs have been over half of that percentage, giving many people new companions. With the maintenance of having a new pet, dogs can help you stay active, while also keeping you socially distanced.

Sophomore Aubrey Guyer was one of the students who got a dog during this time. Her name is Oakley and, according to Guyer, is a ball of energy who loves to be active.  Guyer said, “she’s been easier to take care of since I’ve been home all the time.” She also said that Oakley always puts her in a good mood because she has “pretty eyes and loves to cuddle.” For Guyer, puppy training hasn’t been all easy. She said Oakley still bites people quite a bit and “has been a handful sometimes.” However, Guyer says that her new dog is one of her favorite things in the world and was 100% worth it.