“Mr. Right”— Review

Mr. Right is a romantic comedy packed with action.



The 2015 film starring Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell can be found on Netflix.

Grace Clay, Editor

“Mr. Right” is a 2015 movie about a hitman who falls in love. It is crazy, as one can imagine a movie about a hitman is. Spoiler alert for anyone who has not watched the movie yet. 

The movie starts out with a quirky girl named Martha (played by the forever young Anna Kendrick) who finds out her boyfriend has been cheating on her. She kind of goes off the deep end a little bit until she meets Francis, (played by “JoJo Rabbit” actor Sam Rockwell) a hitman in a local convenience store. They spend the entire day hanging out and getting to know one another, minus the hitman thing. Obviously, I don’t think it’s something that would come out on the first date. Then they go through a bunch of crap, like him killing someone in front of her. Then she spirals again and there is no returning to how she was because she kills two people. 

This movie is classified as a romantic comedy but I think it is more of a comedy than a romance movie. The two main characters are literally insane and it is very entertaining. Francis says a lot of one-liners and has a lot of amusing interactions with the antagonists of the movie. This guy also puts on a red clown nose before he kills people which is such a weird thing to do. 

I am not a big fan of the antagonists. They are kind of dumb and their shooting reminds me of stormtroopers, as they can never hit the target. Also, their personalities suck, even for bad guys. Like, they’re kind of pushovers and easily manipulated, well, two of the three main guys are. Steve is all right though. 

I would recommend this movie for people who like comedic action movies with a little bit of romance mixed in. There is a decent amount of fighting and even the fighting is kind of funny.