“Onward” — Review

Disney’s newest film is available on Disney+.



“Onward” is Disney’s latest animated film. It was released on Friday, March 6.

Grace Clay, Editor

One of the last movies in the Atlas Atlantic Cinema before it closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic was “Onward.” This animated movie is Disney’s newest feature and I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a classic animated film for the next generation. As always, spoiler alerts are in place. 

This film is an adorable movie with elf brothers Barley–voiced by the Star Lord himself: Chris Pratt–and Ian–voiced by Spidey himself Tom Holland–on a trip to find a crystal so they can bring their dad back from the dead for a day. They take a journey to find the magic in a world that has lost it to technology. 

Barley, the older of the two, is a fearless and joyous guy who just wants his younger brother to enjoy life to the fullest. Ian is a scaredy cat that wishes he was bolder and braver. 

The pair use a card game to find the last component they need for the spell to work. Before they leave, they pin a note to Ian’s door to let their mom know where they’re going because Ian’s phone was smashed and Barley doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to carry around a phone everywhere he goes. When their mom–voiced by the Seinfeld’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus–finds the phone, she takes off after them and lets the cops know they’re missing like a responsible adult. 

In the game Barley and Ian are using to find the phoenix gem they need, they find my favorite character: the Manticore. The Manticore is my favorite character because she’s kind of crazy, but definitely in a good way. She’s voiced by the iconic Octavia Spencer. The Manticore and Laurel (Barley and Ian’s mom) go on their own adventure to get the kids home safe. 

I would definitely recommend this movie to all of you that are stuck at home with nothing better to do. It’s entertaining and watching movies is a good way to kill a couple hours while we are all homebound. It’s also a good way to keep younger siblings entertained for a couple hours.