Accessory Go-Tos

Whether it’s a bracelet or a necklace, signature accent items can be found throughout the halls of AHS.


Hana Holtz

Sophomore Taliya James works during class. James wears her signature accent item on her left wrist.

Reagan Leonard, Staff Writer

Getting ready in the morning can often be a struggle. While scrambling to get out of the door, many times students aren’t thinking of the perfect way to spice up an outfit. This is why many people have acquired a go-to signature item that adds a little flair and even finishes their look.

Sophomore Taliya James slips a silver band around her left wrist every morning. “I only take it off when I shower,” James said. The inside is engraved with the words “Your anxiety is lying to you.” The bracelet was a gift from her mother, and James said, “I’ve lived with my mom my whole life. This is the first year I haven’t.” Because her mother moved two hours away, “I started struggling.” Her mother gave her the bracelet to remind her even if she’s not physically there, “she’s still here for me.” 

Hana Holtz
On her left wrist, sophomore Taliya James wears her bracelet given to her mother. The bracelet can be found on James’ wrist at all times as it means a lot to her.

According to Verily Magazine, “A signature accessory is a memorable piece that you always or nearly-always wear.” Sophomore Addie Dearment has worn a woven Pura Vida bracelet on her right wrist since the summer of 2019. Pura Vida is a company based in California that was founded by two men. Inspired by a trip to Costa Rica, the two decided to design handcrafted bracelets. A portion of the purchase price is donated back to charity. Since starting the business in 2010, Pura Vida now sells over a million bracelets each year. “I love knowing that by me buying this bracelet I wear every day, somebody else has benefited from it,” DeArment said.  

Studies have recently shown that piercings tend to give people more confidence. Junior Savanna Stacy got her nose pierced in hopes of hiding some of her insecurities that she’s struggled with. “It definitely does give me more confidence a lot of the time,” Stacy said. Stacy got it pierced two years ago and hasn’t taken it out since.  

Accessories can also be very practical. Senior Kyra Namanny pulls her hair back almost every day with a headband. The headband is black with prongs that ensures her hair will stay in place. “It’s really nice because I like having my hair out of my face,” Namanny said. She first started wearing the headband at the beginning of the school year after she found it in her bathroom. Namanny said, “It’s very comfortable.” Somedays, Namanny will even spice up her outfit and match the headband to her clothes.  

Accessories can lead to a boost in style and confidence.