Girls Track Knows No Offseason

The Trojan girls are prepping for the upcoming season.


Caroline Pellett

Junior Haley Rasmussen gets ready for her race last spring. Rasmussen has been involved with track since her freshman year.

Addie DeArment and Reagan Leonard

The girls track team has been hard at work this winter during their Winter Warrior workouts.  The team meets after school four times a week for 45 minutes.  

Head Coach Matt Mullinex said, “Our training this winter is entirely sprint-based. We are trying to improve our sprint foundation for our track and field program.” Mullinex started working as the head track coach last year. 

“The sprinters and distance (runners) are coming together,” sophomore Aspen Niklasen said. She said the team is now working as one “to earn first place.”

The girls have been working on sprint mechanics such as proper form and foot strike. They are also working on bounding, plyometrics and jumping. Bounding is when the runners stride out with their foot on the ground for the shortest amount of time possible. Almost like you’re walking on the moon. Plyometrics is jump training when the muscles exert maximum force for short intervals of time, like doing box jumps. Their main goals from these workouts is to improve their top-end speed.

 Last season, the team won many meets and had multiple events qualify for State.  

Senior Pluma Pross has been attending track training and said, “I think these workouts will really improve our season. The stretches and drills we do are making us faster which is exactly what we need.” 

Freshman Ava Rush also said she likes going because she “really enjoys being with the track girls.” One of the teams’ goals this season is to be competitive in every meet, including the chase for the Hawkeye 10 title.  

Mullenix said, “The drills and speed work that is being done will also help improve the overall athlete.” He encourages anyone not out for track to join the team in getting ready for their upcoming sport.