The Start of Second Semester Art

With second semester in full swing, art students are working towards the Hawkeye 10 art show at the end of the year.



Art teacher Susan Wedemeyer helps freshman Coda Mahan with an art project during her AO period. This is Wedemeyer’s first year teaching at AHS.

Troy Roach and Carina Birkel

Art classes plant the seeds for a creative outlet. They lead to a multitude of different styles and pieces of art. This is reflected in the course offerings at the high school, where mediums range from drawing to painting.

Junior Cameryn Pitzer is in Ceramics II, which she sees as an “outlet for creativity.” Currently, the class is working with a slab of clay. Students can work the clay in multiple ways. They can build their projects from the bottom to the top, or work backwards. Pitzer enjoys the class, and likes how after the project is completed, students can “do whatever” with the clay.

Each art class prepares for the Hawkeye 10 art show, which is set to take place in the spring. Pitzer said the process of designing, creating, and showcasing her art is “a lot of fun.” Art students who participate in the art show have multiple activities to partake in. The art is judged entirely by students. A certain amount of ribbons are awarded to the students’ favorite pieces in the showcase. Pitzer sees the art show as an “opportunity for other kids to see what they are working up against and see what other schools do in their art class.” Art being shown can range from stained glass to modeling clay. Besides presenting and awarding art, there are also creative sessions before and after lunch.