No New Books in the Media Center


Brynna Ray

The media center is a popular destination for students throughout the day. It hosts study halls and AOs.

There are no new books in the AHS media center this fall, but library supervisor Laurie Parrott hopes to buy “at least 30 to 50 books.” Last year, according to Parrott, approximately 100 new books were added to the high school shelves. Parrott said anime, romance, and comedies are some of students’ favorite genres. 

Parrott has worked to make the media center an enjoyable place. She has added color walls, with huge color sheets that students can draw on during free time. She also has puzzles and games available. 

Many kids go into the media center for their required study hall. At the same time, every day during AO there is an open study hall students can sign up for.