Expectations vs Reality: High School Edition

Middle schoolers will be sorely disappointed if they expect high school to be like the movies.


Grace Clay

A mix of upperclassmen and underclassmen, the students in the new leadership class talk about their “Happy Grams.”

Grace Clay, Editor

Over the course of time, there have been many different movies made about high school. From “The Breakfast Club” to “F the Prom” what are the differences between these high schools and AHS? Let’s find out.

In a typical high school drama, the students rarely ever spend much time in actual classes. Usually they spend their time galavanting around town. If it’s an edgy movie like “F The Prom” they also complain about the “popular” kids. Another way these not-so-typical teens spend their free time is solving crimes. There’s no limit to what these kids can and will do. These “students” also don’t look anything like a regular high school student. That’s probably because these “students” are played by people anywhere from the ages of 21-31 and sometimes older (like in “Harry Potter,” Moaning Myrtle was played by a 36-year-old). Another thing movies do is they focus more on the partying part of high school, and the transition from high school to college. 

In an actual high school, the students spend the entire school day in classes and then they get the heck out of there at 3:13 p.m. Students can go galavanting around town, but they usually reserve that for after-school time, and after practices for the many different extracurricular activities they can be involved with. Here at AHS, students don’t spend their free time solving crimes unless it’s on a crime TV show, and they’re trying to solve it before the detective on the show does. Obviously the students look like normal high school students, and that’s because they are normal high school students. None of them are 36 years old.

I hope this helps clear up the differences between the Hollywood version of high school, and the legit version of high school for all you poser, non-high schoolers reading this. I hope all you high schoolers reading this get a bit of a kick out of it.