End of the Game? More Like Beginning of the Game — AVENGERS: ENDGAME REVIEW

Avengers: Endgame opens new horizons for Marvel Studios.

End of the Game? More Like Beginning of the Game -- AVENGERS: ENDGAME REVIEW

Grace Clay, Editor

Even the Russo brothers, who directed the movie Avengers: EndGame, warned people to not spoil this movie. So, here is my spoiler alert, and if you have not watched the movie yet, I would highly recommend you turn around now. I’ll try to keep the spoilers to a minimum but please don’t be mad if you continue reading and you have yet to see the movie but you want to. Leave now, or forever hold your peace.

Over the course of the movie, there was a multitude of different storylines going on a one time. There was one on Morag, one on Vormir, one in New York, and one more on Asgard. There’s a lot of time travel in this movie and it can be pretty confusing, especially if you have yet to see the movies that came before this one. There were many different emotional parts. Most of which were near the end. There was one part when I almost cried before they came back to the present. It was on Vormir, which if you know what happened, I’m sure you can agree with that statement. Two of the most emotional moments (for me, anyway) were near the end. Let’s just say RDJ is great at pulling on your heartstrings. I had no idea what was going on when Thor and Rocket were on Asgard but I think that’s just because I have yet to watch the first two Thor movies.

Now, on to the mechanics because I’m getting a bit emotional thinking about the plot. The Russo brothers are very good directors in my unprofessional opinion. I’ve spent a multitude of hours reading about the director’s job on a movie set, and their roles throughout the production process. It’s pretty tough. They are the creative minds behind the screen, but not the creative minds behind the script. They use their imaginations to bring a story to life on the big screen. They, obviously, aren’t the only people who do. The actors are a big part of it, the cameramen, the boom holders, the producers, the musicians who play the soundtrack, and music composers of the soundtrack. It boggles my mind sometimes how so many people can come together to create something so beautiful.

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