NEWS BRIEF — Trojans Prepare for State Cross Country

Both teams head to Ft. Dodge for the first time in 16 years.


Junior Pluma Pross strides out during the District meet in Glenwood. Pross placed eighth to advance to State with her team.

Kennedy Goergen

Thursday, Oct. 18, both the boys and girls cross country teams made it to State. The girls’ team last made it to State in 2010, boys in 2007, and the last time both girls and boys cross country teams made it to State together was in 2002.

State cross country will take place on Saturday, Oct. 27, in Fort Dodge, IA. Preparation for the state meet is very important, according to head cross country coach Dan Vargason. The teams will begin with a hard speed workout during practice on Monday, then ease up throughout the week until they reach a “rest base,” Vargason said.

The teams travel to Fort Dodge on Friday morning after the school send-off. In Fort Dodge, they start by running at Ledges State Park for practice on Friday. The team will then go bowling together on Friday night, followed by a traditional Marshalls shopping trip afterward.

Expectations for the girls’ team are very high, as they are hoping to make it into the top ten. On the other side, the boys were just hoping to make it to State, so beating a couple teams at the State meet will be a “big accomplishment for them,” Vargason said.