Cole Jipsen Scores First Varsity Points on Senior Night


Cole Jipsen exits the game as coaches and players congratulate him. Picture credit: Hannah Alff

Noah Bruckner and Dillon Sonntag

Friday, Jan. 19, was Senior Night for the Trojans and senior Cole Jipsen made his first appearance in a varsity game. Head Coach Alan Jenkins had a play drawn up for Jipsen and they executed it perfectly as Jipsen received the handoff from Grant Podhajsky and drove to the basket for the bucket.

He continued to play for two more minutes, getting an assist as he passed the ball to junior Nathan Behrends and set a screen for him as he went in to score.

I was excited to play with my classmates one last time.

— Cole Jipsen

Jipsen has been the team’s manager for the past four years. However, health issues related to childhood cancer prevented Jipsen from playing on the team.

Jipsen said, “I was excited to play with my classmates one last time before the season is over.” The story reached the eye of KCCI and KETV, notable news stations in Des Moines and Omaha. The video posted on the KCCI Facebook page has reached over 60 thousand views and you can find it here.

Jipsen and his fellow teammates celebrated the win and his appearance in the locker room after the game. Jenkins congratulated Jipsen on his points and excellent defense on the other end.

The Trojans will be back in action Friday, Jan. 26, at Red Oak against the Tigers.