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Seniors not taking ASVAB test

October 26

Filed under Academics, Beat Reports, School News

by Stephanie Pross In previous years, while freshmen, sophomores, and juniors took the ITEDS, seniors took the the entrance test for the United States Military known as the ASVAB. This year, however, seniors will not be taking the...

Trojans end football season with big win

October 26

Filed under School News, Sports

by Dean Wood The Atlantic Trojans ended their seasons with a forceful 42-20 win over the Red Oak Tigers Friday, Oct. 22. The Trojans took a commanding lead early on with their first touchdown by Parker Hoye just three minutes...

Trojanns triumph over Harlan

October 26

Filed under Sports

by Anthony Robinson The Trojann Volleyball team defeated the Harlan Cyclones in the first round of class 3A region two postseason play, three games to none (25-19, 25-16, and 25-19). The Trojanns could smell the sweep from...

Downloading music is popular but illegal

October 26

Filed under Beat Reports

by: Devin O’Neil There are many ways to download music using the internet. iTunes, Rhapsody, and Amazon are a few, but the most common way of downloading music is to do so illegally.  According to, the IFPI...

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