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Ally Peterson

Ally Peterson, Yearbook Lead Editor

Senior co-lead editor of the AHS yearbook, Ally Peterson has been in journalism since sophomore year knowing immediately that this was for them. Peterson said, “I loved Bhill (adviser Allison Berryhill), so I wanted to join as fast as I could.” 

Their favorite part about journalism was definitely the yearbook. They tried broadcasting but it just wasn’t their thing. Peterson expressed a preference  to “go with the flow.” Now as co-lead editor, Peterson has to do all the planning for the yearbook and they said it wasn’t the same, though they still love it nonetheless.

Outside of journalism, Peterson loves to spend time with their sister Amelia. “Yeah, we’re pretty tight,” Peterson said. They also love to take long drives, draw, and even paint. Aside from that, they spend their days working at Scooter’s to pass the time.

Peterson said that they're most looking forward to seeing the yearbook come together this year. “I like seeing the pages come together; it makes more sense,” said Peterson. They say this year has been pretty fun with Katie Birge by their side. Together they hope to make this year’s yearbook awesome.

Story by Molly Harris, Quinn Weil, and Zoey Moore.

All content by Ally Peterson
Molly OHara is the new PE Teacher at Atlantic High School. She had two kids of hers that have attended Atlantic High School.

Molly O’Hara

Alexis Peterson, Editor
September 1, 2022
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March 31, 2022
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