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What Do You Bring to School?

Students and teachers tell AHS what items they bring to school.

Everyone always brings something a little special to school, but have you ever wondered what they actually are? Freshman Kenzie Jensen explains what she has in her bag on a daily basis. The three main things Jensen has in her bag are hand sanitizer, berry chapstick, and vanilla perfume. According to Jensen, girls usually can’t go through their day without smelling good. Boys are extremely different and have the complete opposite things stored in their backpacks.

Sophomore Sawyer Tarrell has some very interesting things in his backpack. Tarrell starts off with a “My Life, My Quit” handout from health class. He encourages everyone to stand up to their addiction. Tarrell colors a lot during school, so his 24 Crayola Crayons come in handy when he needs it most. Lastly to support his friend, he has a “limited edition” Hunter Cohrs 2021 baseball card. 

Junior Kinnick Juhl has a variety of unique things in his backpack. Starting off strong he has a chocolate shake speech in his bag from college class. Next he has a phone charger and, last but not least, he has a limited edition AHS Journalism bracelet gifted to him by junior Tristan Hayes.

Students bring some very exciting things to school, but have you ever wondered what teachers bring on an everyday basis? Aviation teacher Bryce Smith brings his phone, car keys, and wallet every day. Smith’s items are pretty basic but counselor Alyssa Boltz has some very interesting things in her bag. She always has her wallet on her just in case she needs to go on a shopping spree when she’s working hard. She also has her car keys, and a medical kit because she’s a coach and “needs it just in case something unexpected happens.”

Of course we had to save the best for the last. History teacher Trace Peterson always has his peanut butter and banana chocolate shake, and his warm flannel. Lastly, the best of them all has to be his wonderful sense of humor. Although teachers have very similar items with them throughout the school day, they all have one specifically special to them, and are very different from the students of AHS.

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About the Contributor
Ryley Kuhns, Staff Writer
Ryley Kuhns is a sophomore at AHS. This is Kuhns’ first year and second semester in journalism. Her favorite things about being in journalism are going to games and taking sports pictures, “especially at basketball games.” She enjoys getting to be with friends in a “fun and energetic” environment.  During her freshman year, Kuhns was involved in choir, show choir, football managing, and golf. This year she is planning to do track in the spring. She hasn’t participated in track since middle school and is excited to get back into it. In her free time, she enjoys running, driving around, listening to music, specifically “Zach Bryan,” and being with her friends and family.  Kuhns described her personality as a mix of being “shy at times, but mostly outgoing.” She also said, “I am kind and very bubbly.” Bio by Olivia Jensen

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