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What Is a Primary Election?

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Tomorrow Jan. 15, the presidential race unofficially begins. At the Republican/Democratic Primary, anyone 18 years of age or turning 18 before Nov. 5, votes for their top pick for the 2024 President. Primaries are elections that each party holds to select candidates to run against each other in the general election. However, there are multiple types of primaries.

Open primaries are open to any voter under any political affiliation to vote for a primary in any party. For example, a voter registered as a Republican may choose to vote for the Democratic primary. The voter may only vote in one party’s primary, but in many states, voters are not required to choose a political affiliation when they register to vote. States vary in how they administer open primaries.

A closed primary is an election in which only voters registered in a political affiliation may vote. For example, a voter registered as a Democrat may only vote in the Democratic primary. Non-registered voters must choose a party to affiliate with on their voter registration form to participate in that state’s primary election.

Lastly, in a semi-closed primary, Independent voters or those without political affiliation may vote in whichever party’s primary they choose. Still, registered voters can only vote in their party’s primary. So, a registered Democrat voter can only vote in the Democratic party and a voter registered as an independent may choose a Republican or Democratic primary.

Whether you are newly able to vote or this will be your first year voting, primaries are a way to make your voice heard and ensure that you may choose who runs the country you live in. With that, it is a major responsibility, and those who do not vote are handing their political power to those who may oppose their views. The Republican Primary is held on Jan. 15 at 7 pm and the Democratic Party is held on March 5.

For more coverage click this link.

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Anna Potts
Anna Potts, AHS Needle Editor
Anna Potts is a junior involved in journalism at Atlantic High School. This is Potts’ second year going to AHS and also her second year in journalism. Exactly what does Potts do in journalism? She is involved in the newspaper and is one of the editors. Her favorite part of journalism is the First Fridays, the monthly celebrations for the entire staff. “Those are the best,” she said. She also said the worst part had to be taking the pictures. Potts' story she is most proud of that she wrote would be “my birth control story” which was about birth control becoming an over- the- counter medication. Potts was inspired to do journalism by her upperclassmen. She said for her upcoming years in high school she would like to “become a bigger role in the journalism department.” Potts is not just involved with school academics she is also part of softball,track, and tennis. Outside of school she reads her Bible, works on her new job at a law firm, and plays with her dog Loki. Best advice Potts has to give for us younger classes is “get involved with everything you can.” Story by Calianda Thompson

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