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Prom For Everyone?

Students share their opinions on Atlantic’s closed prom.
Juniors and seniors of AHS dance to the music at Prom 2023.

Many juniors and seniors throughout Atlantic High School wonder why Atlantic has a closed prom when the rest of our dances are open. This rule is the way prom has been for many years in Atlantic. Other surrounding schools open their dance up to any underclassman or out-of-town dates. However, Atlantic’s prom is strictly for juniors and seniors who attend AHS.

Seniors who attended prom last year have many differing opinions and experiences. Trahyger Carey said he doesn’t like attending our prom because his girlfriend attends a different school and isn’t able to come. Carey said, “Imagine getting matched up with another girl who isn’t my girlfriend.” His junior year he had gotten quite a few asks to prom but denied them because he didn’t wanna go with someone that isn’t her.

Lexi Christensen had the same point of view as Carey. Christensen has an out-of-town boyfriend and many friends who don’t attend this school as well. Christiansen explains how she would like it to be open but she wouldn’t be exactly mad if they couldn’t come. She said, “I wish it was open because I’m friends with a lot of people that I wish could experience the Trojan Prom.”

It’s good that it’s closed so there’s not any out-of-town stinkers,

— Mason McFadden

On the other hand, Mason McFadden explains how he’s happy our prom is closed. “It’s good that it’s closed so there’s not any out-of-town stinkers,” Mcfadden said. “I don’t like seeing people I don’t know – you’re in my school.”

Quincy Sorensen talks about how she would like it open, but if not, it should at least be open to the underclassmen.

Nevaeh Duranceau has a boyfriend that she wishes could come but he graduated last year. Duranceau said, “I don’t understand why they would have a closed prom when the other dances are open.”

Heather McKay, the principal of Atlantic High School, shared the reasoning behind our prom being closed. She explained how it’s just always been a strong tradition in our community. McKay said, “It’s a time to celebrate only the juniors and seniors of Atlantic.” 

While many students hope to see the prom open up to others, AHS prom will continue to be a special time for the upperclassmen of Atlantic.

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  • S

    Sophie JohnsonNov 2, 2023 at 9:02 am

    I really loved this story and seeing different views and opinions. I also liked at the end when she added why it’s a closed prom from Mrs. McKay. It is a great story, and very well written.