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The Louder, The Better

How the student section impacts the game.

The student section- the place where you can find a majority of the student body on Friday nights, either at the football field or in the gym. Known for being the most loud and visible here at AHS, the student section plays a big role at sporting events. From fun themes to showing support for local news, Trojan students make an impact. 

Last week at the volleyball and football games, the student section theme was “Blue Out for Grace,” to support a sophomore student from a nearby school who was involved in a car accident. At the volleyball game on Sept. 28, the student section was described as “filled.” Junior Jersey Phippen, who is a middle back for  the Trojan Volleyball team, said, “I was proud to be a Trojan and I’m grateful our school is involved.” 

On Sept. 29, the Trojan football team faced the Creston Panthers, and the theme was also Blue Out. “Everyone dressed up for the theme, and there was a feeling of support and sympathy for Grace, not just in the student section but the whole Trojan Bowl honestly,” said senior Riley Wood. On other nights, however, the student section can vary from beach theme to western. Recently, themes have been Black and Gold for Homecoming, USA, and Camo. 

This year, a new opportunity has been available for the student body: free admission to all sporting events. More students have noticed that the section is fuller because of this change. “There is definitely way more people coming,” said senior Keeley Pedersen.  

Historically, the Trojan student section and student pride have been famous for being exceptional. Known as the Trojan Mob, the student body never disappoints. Encouragement from peers to players is one of the “best ways to support,” said junior football player Xavier Darrow. On Friday, Oct. 13, the theme is White Out, come support your Trojan football team! 

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About the Contributor
Anna Potts
Anna Potts, AHS Needle Editor
Anna Potts is a junior involved in journalism at Atlantic High School. This is Potts’ second year going to AHS and also her second year in journalism. Exactly what does Potts do in journalism? She is involved in the newspaper and is one of the editors. Her favorite part of journalism is the First Fridays, the monthly celebrations for the entire staff. “Those are the best,” she said. She also said the worst part had to be taking the pictures. Potts' story she is most proud of that she wrote would be “my birth control story” which was about birth control becoming an over- the- counter medication. Potts was inspired to do journalism by her upperclassmen. She said for her upcoming years in high school she would like to “become a bigger role in the journalism department.” Potts is not just involved with school academics she is also part of softball,track, and tennis. Outside of school she reads her Bible, works on her new job at a law firm, and plays with her dog Loki. Best advice Potts has to give for us younger classes is “get involved with everything you can.” Story by Calianda Thompson

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