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Blowing It Up With AP Chem

An in-person Advanced Placement Chemistry course is available as of the 2023-24 school year.
Anna Potts

When you think of AP Chemistry class, you may think of your stereotypical high school nerd, or maybe an aspiring scientist who watches too much of the Big Bang Theory or Breaking Bad. However, at Atlantic High School,  Advanced Placement Chemistry can count as a college credit toward a degree in medicine. 

In the past years, the class has been an online course, not taught by an in-person teacher. This year, Science Teacher Anna Pauley is teaching a group of six students and wants others to know that the class is an option to get your foot in the door for college. “AP Chemistry is a hands-on class, and a true feel of what a college course would be like,” said Pauley. This is a different privilege that other AP classes at AHS can’t offer. “It helps it stick a little better sometimes, which is a wonderful thing since it is an advanced course,” Pauley said. 

Dante Hedrington, a senior as well as an aspiring future surgeon described the course as a “fun and easygoing” class that also raises your grade point average without being too difficult. 

AP Chemistry is a hands-on class, and a true feel of what a college course would be like.

— Anna Pauley

Senior Mary McCurdy decided to take the class to “get a better understanding of chemistry and potentially receive college credit.” Her favorite part of the class is the experiments they do.

Since this is a class with so much to offer, be sure to take it into consideration for the upcoming year. “I definitely hope to see bigger class sizes and expand the opportunities this course carries,” concluded Pauley. 

The six students will take the AP test on May 6, 2024. It’s around a four-hour test that will determine whether the class will qualify for college credit for each student.

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About the Contributor
Anna Potts
Anna Potts, AHS Needle Editor
Anna Potts is a junior involved in journalism at Atlantic High School. This is Potts’ second year going to AHS and also her second year in journalism. Exactly what does Potts do in journalism? She is involved in the newspaper and is one of the editors. Her favorite part of journalism is the First Fridays, the monthly celebrations for the entire staff. “Those are the best,” she said. She also said the worst part had to be taking the pictures. Potts' story she is most proud of that she wrote would be “my birth control story” which was about birth control becoming an over- the- counter medication. Potts was inspired to do journalism by her upperclassmen. She said for her upcoming years in high school she would like to “become a bigger role in the journalism department.” Potts is not just involved with school academics she is also part of softball,track, and tennis. Outside of school she reads her Bible, works on her new job at a law firm, and plays with her dog Loki. Best advice Potts has to give for us younger classes is “get involved with everything you can.” Story by Calianda Thompson

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