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SAAC - The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is made up of 14 girls from all corners of Iowa. The girls met at the IGHSAU headquarters in Des Moines.
Empowering Today to Lead Tomorrow
Claire Pellett, AHS Needle Lead Editor • April 30, 2024

FOCUS - Junior Hailey Huffman focuses on nocking her arrow to get the perfect shot. Huffman  made sure her stance was strong and her bow arm did not shake. Huffman shot 3D where she shot all the different animals at all different distances.
Archery Is On the Rise
Anna Potts, Editor • February 23, 2024

Archery- in its tenth year at AHS, the sport is gaining numbers and more of its events are gaining publicity. On Feb. 25, Atlantic is hosting...

Fletcher Toft and Megan Birge dance with glee as vampire villian siblings plotting to kill human students. The play New Kids at Vampire High will be performed on Friday and Saturday nights at 7 p.m. and 2 p.m. on Sunday.
The Point Episode 11: Spring Play Special
Ella Meyer and Kate NicholsMarch 15, 2024

Hosts Ella and Kate talk with some members of the upcoming spring play "New Kids at Vampire High." Music by AHS graduate Evan Brummer.

IHSSA State Debate last January.
The Road to National Qualifiers
Alyssa Neal, Writer/Editor • February 9, 2024

It’s that time of year when AHS Speech and Debate heads to National Qualifiers, or “nat quals” as the team likes to call them. There are...

The Point Episode 14: Goodbye Seniors
Kate Nichols and Ella MeyerMay 15, 2024

Hosts Kate and Ella talk with AHS seniors about their high school career and their futures. Music by AHS graduate Evan Brummer. This...

THINK ABOUT IT - Kylie Templeton contemplates her answer as she takes one of the Intro to Journalism students quiz.
Buzzfeed Quizzes 2023-2024
Intro to Journalism StudentsMay 9, 2024

Annabelle Meyer and Aubrey Winford: What AHS Car Parker Are You? Aunika Darrow and Rylee Bengel: What Type of Lift Style Are You? Addison...


Activities Kick-off Homecoming Week

Nissa Molgaard
Senior Claire Pellett runs to grab another ball as fellow senior Belle Berg attempts to throw someone out. The seniors played the sophomores first-round and lost in a close match.

It’s Homecoming week at Atlantic High School! This week is one of the most exciting weeks of the fall semester for most high school students. There are fun and inclusive activities happening this week at AHS. BINGO, dodge-ball, dress days, float building, and lunch games are keeping AHS students in the Homecoming spirit, as well as the anticipated Pep Rally on Friday afternoon. 

Seniors Helena Buliche and Erinchina Mark pose while dressed up for Tuesday’s dress day. The theme was “Pack it up Huskies.” (Nissa Molegaard)

The pep rally is the biggest of the entire school year. All AHS students and staff attend and it is open to the public. Our 2023 football cheerleaders will perform their special Homecoming performance that they have been working on since summer. “This routine is preparing us for comp cheer that we will be competing in November,” said Head Coach Katie Hedegaard-Monero. “There are so many more stunts and harder tumbling.” 

The Homecoming King and Queen will also be crowned as a part of this pep rally. The coronation is something special at AHS. The past year’s royalty, King Brendan Casey and Queen Rio Johnson, come home and crown the new royalty. 

This is something part of our culture and we take it seriously,

— Erinchina Mark

AHS Pacific Island Dancers will continue the tradition of performing at the rally.. “I have been hula dancing since I could walk,” said senior Erinchina Mark. The Island Dancers have performed at the pep rally for at least four years. “This is something part of our culture and we take it seriously,” said Mark. 


Senior Jade Harter arms herself with two balls during the game against the sophomores. The seniors will play the juniors on Thursday. (Nissa Molgaard)

The 2023 Homecoming theme is “Trojans Got Game.” The Student Council decides on a theme for Homecoming. This year they debated between two themes, but “Trojans Got Game” won. “We really liked the dress days for this theme,” said Student Council President Emma Winford. “Everyone got super excited about the theme and we took it and ran with it,” said Winford. 

Everyone got super excited about the theme and we took it and ran with it,

— Emma Winford

AHS Principal Heather McKay says that Homecoming is the “perfect opportunity” to focus on the “CommUNITY” of our town. All schools in the district have the same dress days and are all encouraged to get involved. 

The big Friday night game is a hit with everyone too. McKay’s favorite tradition is the battle cry between the AHS grade levels. “That always gets the students loud and proud,” said McKay.

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About the Contributors
Abigail Muller
Abigail Muller, Senior Magazine Lead Editor
Senior Abigail Muller is the co-lead editor of the Senior Magazine as well as an editor of Muller has been involved in journalism the three years that are offered. Her jobs are Senior Biographies, assigning/organizing the senior magazine, and reporting for the Needle. Muller’s favorite pieces she has written are the Ryan Hawkins story and biographies of new teachers. "I am better with getting information, and creating a story from that. Which is why the Senior Magazine is my favorite thing," Muller said. ''The first Senior Magazine story I ever did was Reagan Lenoard’s, and after that, I just fell in love with it.'' Her favorite part of journalism are the trips such as seeing the ''inside newsroom at KCCI'' that has the local aspect. She believes joining journalism gives you opportunities and has a diverse group of members. Muller said that "90%'' of the things assigned she can finish in class. ''If I focus and buckle down, I can get an entire senior story done in one class,'' she said. This facet enables her to do other activities. Mueller is also involved in volleyball, golf, AHS Fuel (secretary), National Honor Society and works at Brown’s Shoe Fit. Story by Makenna Schroeder
Nissa Molgaard
Nissa Molgaard, Broadcasting/Yearbook
“Great people who happen to be great speakers.” This is a quote that junior Nissa Molgaard, 16,  lives by as it reflects her passion for speech and debate. She joined journalism, because it gave her the freedom to do things that she enjoyed, photography, and talking with friends. Molgaard has published two stories, the 100 Word Rant and Speech & Debate. Along with many photo entries. Molgaard has been involved in Debate since her freshman year and went to Nationals last year in extemp commentary and spontaneous speaking, and has been doing Debate since Freshman year. “I’ve done Extemp, Congress, Spontaneous Speaking, Expository Speaking, and Public Forum,” Molgaard said. She is planning on doing Info, Congress, and Extemporaneous Speaking. She is the Extemp Captian this year. She also loves “public speaking, gaining credibility, and tips on how to be a better speaker.”  Her accomplishments include advancing to “A” House of Congressional Debate, her sophomore year, which was her first year of Congressional Debate. “This year, I hope to win some awards, and my goal is to try to win in the categories I’m in; Congress, Extemp, and Info.”  In Molgaard’s free time, you can find her making origami, climbing trees, or hanging out with friends. After high school, Molgaard plans on going to college to study law.  Story by Jody Williams

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