What Makes You Happy

Take a look into what makes the students of AHS happy.

Matalynn Harter, Staff Writer


This is Garrett Vanhorn and what makes him happy is painting, gardening, and playing video games. This is something Vanhorn does every day and looks forward to because when he’s doing these things, he feels happiest and the best. “I enjoy these things the most because they are very calming and easy to do,” he said.


This is Isabelle Symonds and the things that make her happy are spending quality time with her friends and Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift makes Symonds happy because “I relate to her music and she is a lyrical genius.” Symonds loves listening to Taylor Swift with her best friends while driving around. “I’ve been obsessed with Taylor for about two years,” Symonds said.
This is Rebecca Wallace. The things that make her happy are food puns, as shown in this picture, and when students get really excited about a topic. More things that make Wallace happy are vacations and cats. “Having students be excited about my materials makes me happy to come to work everyday,” she said. Vacations make her happy because it’s a good time to relax.


This is Nissa Molgaard and lots of things make her happy. Molgaard likes making bracelets, paper cranes, carpenter benches, and enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, listening to music, podcasts, and speech and debate. “These things make me happy because of the interaction I get with others and because I feel accomplished,” she said.
This is Kaiden Hatley. The things that make her happy are spending time with her boyfriend and her three best friends.  “My friends are always there for me and are my biggest supporters,” she said. She loves dancing and listening to music. These things help her escape when she’s overwhelmed and they are fun for her. Cheerleading also makes Hatley really happy because it’s her favorite sport and it’s something she enjoys to do.
This is math teacher Megan Anderson. The thing that makes her the most happy is spending quality time with her kids. Anderson loves playing games with her children, especially board games and card games. These activities are a big thing within her household. On the weekends, her family watches movies and always take turns picking out which one they are going to watch. Another thing that makes Anderson happy is chocolate. “My sweet tooth is horrible. I love chocolate,” she said.


This is Hadin Thompson. The things that make him happy are his family, friends, soccer, and his dog. Thompson enjoys spending time with his friends. “I like to laugh and they always give me a good laugh,” he said. Just being around his family makes him happy, especially when his dog Barkley is around. “Soccer keeps me active and I like participating in things,” he said.