Under the Influence

How the people you look up to have an impact on your life.


Allison Berryhill

Guy Somers is the jack of all trades. Besides teaching, he has many hobbies in his freetime, including his love for music.

Kate Nichols, Staff Writer

From an early age, we as humans are influenced by the people and things around us, some good and some bad. We can even be influenced by emotions. Everyone is influenced by someone: family members, famous people, teachers, friends, and all of the people we look up to. We never stop being influenced. Even as adults humans get influenced, like what car they should buy next or how they’re going to decorate their houses. According to an article written by Behavioral Scientist, there are many things that influence people subconsciously.

Students and teachers at AHS shared some of the people that have made a significant influence on their life. Family members are a common influence on students and teachers. Sophomore Brady Wagner said that her grandmother is her most significant influence. She taught her to be kind and to treat others how she wanted to be treated. Wagner said her grandma told her, “You can be your own person. You can be you and everyone will still love you for who you are.” Wagner’s grandma’s influence will “most definitely” stick with her for the rest of her life.

AHS teacher Guy Somers also said that his family was a big influence on him. His mother’s poor side of the family has been the biggest influence. They taught him how to be a hard worker and have a work ethic. They had all become entrepreneurs to be successful. Somers’ father’s side was also an influence, they were all very successful with many college degrees so they taught him that education was important. Somers learned a lot from both sides of his family. “You do need education to succeed, you don’t have to go to college to be successful,” Somers said. 

Sometimes people in the community, like a dance teacher can be someone’s biggest life influence. That’s how it’s been for freshman Dasia Baxter. Her teachers at Villa Dance Company have been a part of her life for 13 years. They have pushed her through her dancing career and also in other parts of her life. Baxter said they push her to do better. They are, “Pushy in a kind of ‘you can do it,’ ‘get it done because you can’” type of way. They’ve encouraged Baxter to try a lot of things such as the school musical this year. 

Many people around us influence us in one way or another in our life. Think about your life, who do you think has been the biggest influence on you? Or maybe who have you been the biggest influence on? In the words of American author Napolean Hill, “Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.” Be a positive influence in someone’s life.