Coaches vs. Cancer

The Annual Pink Out Game was held on Tuesday, January 17.


Kennedy Goergen

Coach Dan Vargason strategizes with his team during the Pink Out game. The girls’ pink jerseys were made specifically for this game.

Alyssa Neal, Editor

Every year the Pink-Out basketball games get closer and closer, and the students of AHS begin to see things like basketball stickers on the wall, and decorations in the gym. But what is Pink-Out? Who is in charge of the events and what’s its purpose? 

Pink-Out is a theme for games that brings awareness to cancer, specifically breast cancer. AHS Fuel is in charge of event planning, decorating, fundraising, and more. You may have seen basketball stickers on the wall at the entrance of the school. These basketballs are a way to support the American Cancer Society, to which all donations go. They are sold for two dollars and you can write your name or a loved one’s name who is fighting or has fought against cancer on it and put it on the wall. AHS Fuel President, Edria Brummer said, “The basketballs up front are a way to donate to the cause, as well as bring motivation for the students as seeing the name of someone you know can cause you to want to participate.” 

However, Pink Out is much more than the basketballs on the wall, balloons in the gym, or pink jerseys. It’s a time to really shine a light on those who have suffered or are currently suffering, as well as those who have won or lost the battle. Brummer said, “For Pink Out, we work to raise money for the American Cancer Society, and are in competition with other schools in our area to raise the most money. We have lots of sponsors to help get the community involved and help us to fundraise. Pink Out hits our community hard because we have a lot of people who can relate to, or understand what it’s like to go through breast cancer, as well as other cancers.” 

Junior Nolan Waters said, “It’s a really good thing to see people support this cause because the people who have a chance to overcome it need the support. I have a personal connection and I know how important it is to be there for the people that need you and your support the most.” 

Even if there is no connection, supporting the cause can still have an impact. Sophomore Morgan Botos said, “I don’t have any personal connection to this sort of cancer but I love the support that people put towards the cause. Spreading awareness to this is very important, and I love seeing everyone coming together to help.”

Dan Vargason, the Girl’s Basketball Head Coach, and AHS Fuel Advisor said, “In total, $4,054.96 was raised for the American Cancer Society. The Fuel members organized it well, and the girls came through with a win.” The Boy’s Basketball team was also able to help by passing out donation buckets during halftime. But aside from planning and coaching, Vargason also takes part in this fundraiser. “I lost my mother-in-law and grandmother to cancer, so I feel that when I have the ability to help, I should help.” 

Tony Miller was the guest speaker at the game. He shared the story of his battle with cancer, and what the American Cancer Society and what the donations that were raised did for him. The donations helped him to get the equipment he needed to change his life. He really hit the importance of coming together to support a cause and is proof of light at the end of the tunnel, even when times are hard.