Parent’s Involvement in School Sports

Many students look to their parents for support when it comes to athletics.



Colton Rasmussen high-fives fans at a basketball game. Parents and students alike cheer on athletes from the stands.

Matalynn Harter, Staff Writer

Many athletes get easily overwhelmed by sports and the daily struggles within them. Parent’s involvement with school sports might be crucial to athletes’ success or even the breaking point for many of them. Many athletes enjoy their parents’ support and involvement but some would say it’s just too much. 

Senior Jackson McLaren thinks parents can become too involved with athletes at a young age. McLaren said, “it’s more likely for younger kids to lose interest due to parents constantly overwhelming them.” This is added stress for any student-athlete growing up and being involved in many sports. Although, McLaren’s parents have always supported what he wanted to do and influenced him to be the best he can be. 

Many AHS students feel as if their parents help them tremendously in athletics. Such as senior Jayden Proehl, who comes home to parents’ feedback after every game. Proehl said, “they never let me be lazy and always encourage me to try my hardest.” His parents motivate him by showing up and supporting him, which means a lot to Proehl. 

Athletic Director Andrew Mitchell “couldn’t do it” without the parents’ help and support. “We need parents’ help,” he said. They help take tickets, run scoreboards, concessions, etc. Mitchell thinks parents need to always be supportive of their children and the things they are interested in. “Every child is different in their own way,” he said. Parents have to provide that reassurance and support so kids are confident in sports and never feel unaccepted within the sport. Mitchell said, “don’t make your expectations too high.” Expectations that are “too high” will cause the athlete to be stressed and feel as if they aren’t good enough sometimes. 

Juniors Claire Pellett and Brock Henderson appreciate all their parents do and more. For both of them, sports started at an early age which helped them know what they’d become most interested in while growing up. Henderson and Pellett are just “happy” that they have parents who will support them no matter what. 

Head Volleyball Coach Michelle Blake says positive parent support is always helpful. “I encourage parents to be their kids’ cheerleaders,” Blake said. The only problem she has ever experienced is when parents only keep their kids in mind. This makes her job hard because as a coach she is doing what’s best for the whole team and sometimes those two things do not mix well. Blake’s advice to parents would be to listen to their problems and be supportive always.