People’s Weird and Interesting Dreams

Students and teachers share their crazy dreams.


Dakota Oswalt

Senior Alex Garcia sleeps on English teacher Allison Berryhill’s floor. Drinking too much caffeine can cause tiredness.

Trinity Christensen, Staff Writer

A dream is a collection of thoughts, sensations, and images that occur in a person’s mind when they sleep. Almost everyone dreams and AHS students are full of crazy and interesting dreams. Some people can have dreams that are quite bizarre such as math teacher Lisa Sonntag’s dream where she was “chased by a large snake that [bounced] like Tigger’s tail instead of slithering.” Another example of this would be in junior Chris Foegen’s dream where “a new flavor of Sunkist caused a zombie apocalypse.” 

Some people have dreams that can be quite upsetting such as some of senior Kami Steffens’ dreams where “a loved one” dies. Freshman Margaret McCurdy had a dream about being “in some sort of horrific disaster. Usually along the lines of school shootings, hurricanes, or earthquakes.” Both of them have said that they have had this dream more than once. Some people, like for example Art teacher Liz Herrick, have had a dream that felt like it lasted for a very long time. “I had a dream once where I thought I was living through a zombie apocalypse and it felt like a literal five years of my life passed by,” she said.

Dreams can sometimes be difficult to remember unless there is something impactful about it. As said by junior Addie Welsh, “I only remember them if there is something very significant about them.” A lot of the time Welsh knows when she’s had an interesting dream, but she will have a hard time trying to remember the plot of this dream. Senior Kami Steffens said she can only clearly remember her dreams around once a month. Senior Lance Keller said that he usually doesn’t remember his dreams unless it was impactful in some way, either sad or comedic. 

Scientists don’t truly understand why people dream but they do have a few theories. They believe that it helps people consolidate memories, process emotions, and gain practice in confronting potential dangers. Another theory is that they may reflect unconscious desires, thoughts, wish fulfillment, and motivations. Welsh believes dreams are “an imagination thing.” She thinks that it can inspire creativity and is proof that our thoughts can translate into our dreams. Keller believes that dreams are “our prediction tool, not always accurate but always a good guess.” Steffens believes that our dreams can be “symbolic for something happening in your life.” However, she also thinks that most of your dreams are completely meaningless and are just because your brain is bored.