Students’ Opinions on AHS Rules

Not every students agrees with the rules of their school.


Aubrey Welsh

Molly Harris smiles while reading the Atlantic High School student handbook.

Aubrey Welsh

Students don’t always agree with school rules. Some find them unfair and controlling. Most students don’t agree with the dress code and many don’t like the brand-new phone rule. A couple of people’s least favorite rule would be the study hall rules. 

Many AHS students don’t like the new phone rule where you are not allowed to have your phone out at all during class. If you are caught with a phone out during class it will be taken and sent to the office. AHS sophomore Gracey Pelzer said she doesn’t like this rule because she doesn’t always know what’s happening outside of school with her family. “There could be an emergency and I wouldn’t know about it” says Pelzer. If she could change this rule she would change it to be if the student is done with their work and doesn’t have any missing work then they could have their phone. 

Another rule many students have said they don’t like would be the dress code. “It is set up to be unfair towards girls,” said Genevieve McCalla. Boys are usually only dress-coded for wearing hats while girls have more rules, for example, they can’t wear tank tops or too-short shorts. If she could change the rule she would make it less strict because “who cares if we see some belly button.”

Sophomore Molly Harris also finds this rule unfair because some teachers only dress code certain students while others should have also been dress coded. “The rule is very bendable, like you can alter it because not all teachers have the same rules.”

James Waggoner said his least favorite rule was the study hall rule where you are only able to work with someone for 15 minutes. Most of the time it takes longer than 15 minutes to do an assignment. For some, the only time they get to see their friends is in study hall and lunch, so it would be nice to talk with them quietly in study hall. Waggoner has never gotten in trouble for this rule himself but a friend of his has. “If we are quiet, we should be able to talk to our friends,” he said.