A Trophy Tragedy

The Trophies in the AHS Library Might be Getting Thrown Out if not Claimed Soon.


Lillian Stufflebeam

Many dusty trophies line the crammed shelves of the library.

Alyssa Neal

Dating as far back as 1940, Atlantic High School has received various awards in many categories. Trophies of all sports and extracurricular activities stay stacked on shelves all over the school. However, the clutter is getting to be too much for the high school library. Laurie Parrott, a librarian, is in search of a new, and better home for these awards. “We have hundreds and hundreds of trophies in the library that we are trying to find a better place for. There has been talk of having a night where we open it up to the community, and set the trophies out for members of Atlantic that have been a part of these activities to come and take one (or more) home. They would be better displayed and be better-taken care of this way,” said Parrott.

A plan right now includes taking pictures of all of the trophies and finding a night that the community can come to look around and pick up trophies that belonged to their team. The trophies have been a part of our school for a very long time, but now they’re just starting to collect dust. 

These trophies are important to the high school as they show what it was like for after-school events back then. These trophies show the involvement of past students and the evolution of things like uniforms, teams, and even colors, sizes, and figures of trophies and sports over time.

The trophies might be better cared for in the hands of someone who was once truly passionate about the sport. The date set for the event is unclear as of right now, but definitely take a moment to stop into the library and give them a look before they’re gone. It’s shocking to see how things once looked, or even to see how far back they date. It is a very fascinating part of Atlantic High School’s history.