Time Stops for No One – OPINION

As high school continues, time never stops.



Time is always passing even when the world feels like it is ending.

Helena Buliche

With the constant repetitive schedule of waking up, going to school, and leaving at the ring of the bell, it’s hard to notice the fast pace of life when you’re so occupied with life and its troubles. Every passing minute students seem to never acknowledge the time we spend in high school. Thinking that it’s already been two years since the first case of COVID-19, it’s crazy to think all that time has passed. It feels like only yesterday when the influence of TikTok exploded and toilet paper suddenly became the main resource for everyone. It wasn’t till now that the words that middle school teacher Angela Oglesbee said, “time stops for no one,” struck me hard.

A few days ago, it came to my attention that 2010 is farther away than the year 2030. Realizing that the concept of time is hard for me to grasp. I can not accept the fact that my year as a sophomore is coming to an end and in two years I will be graduating. Classmates who were once brimming with innocence and naivety, are now growing up with stubbles and curves. Classmates who were once seen playing together on the playground will soon be seen wearing their gowns and holding their high school diplomas. This brings me to my current situation. The childhood game of tag that I had once played for fun, is now an analogy of my life as I continue to run from facing this reality.