Right On Par

The JV and Varsity Boys’ Golf teams traveled to one of their biggest competitors, Kuemper Catholic.


Kennedy Goergen

OUT FORE VICTORY- Garrett McLaren hits a ball on the green.

Elizabeth Anderson, Editor

The boys’ golf team faced off against Kuemper Catholic on April 5, 2022. In an interview, Coach Ed Den Beste said “Kuemper will be the toughest competition this season. We always battle back and forth with them, and they normally have a solid team.” Den Beste said this meet was “tough due to not having the amount of practice time we usually have each year.” The weather also played a factor, with having heavy wind and cold weather. “Good to see our boys keep a good mindset and play through it today. I thought our guys hit the ball pretty well.  Each had a hole that got them, but they battled through it and kept mindset,” said Den Beste. 

The boys had two scores in the 30s and 3 in the 40s’ but with more practice, the boys will drop a couple of strokes. 

The Varisty Shores go as follows: 

Garrett McLaren- 39

Lane Nelson -38 and Runner Up Medalist

Cruz Weaver- 48

Roth Den Beste- 45

Cooper Jipsen- 52

Tristan Hayes- 46

Kuemper shoots  161

Atlantic  168

Den Beste also thinks the JVC team played very well. “Good to see our JV play well on an away course.  Great to see 3 guys in the 40s.” The coach was also happy to see Trevan Hansen have a great round for his first one and Tate Nicklasen also played well.  “If we keep this up, we will have several meets this year.”

Good to see our JV play well on an away course.  Great to see 3 guys in the 40s.

— Den Beste

The JV Scores go as follows:

Tate Niklasen -45

Colton Becker- 48

Trevan Hansen- 42

Chris Keegan- 62

Kuemper JV 193

Atlantic JV  197

The team will move to Creston on Thursday.