Raise Your Voice

Diversity and Premiere performed their shows at the IHSMA State Show Choir Contest!


Alexis Jimenez Russell

Premiere Show Choir preforms their song, “Burning Fire Burning.” The choir learned the choreography in August at a camp with Grant Luther.

Elizabeth Anderson, Editor

Singing loud, putting on a smile, and dancing their heart outs, Diversity and Premiere show choirs performed at IHSMA State Show Choir Contest on Monday, Jan. 31. Following their competition in Dallas Center-Grimes, both choirs had a “ton of improvement,” said director Evan Adamon. Sophomore Genevieve McCalla said, “It was the most fun we’ve ever had at a performance.”

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It was the most fun we’ve ever had at a performance.

— Genevieve McCalla

Adamon said the choirs took the advice from the critique in Dallas Center-Grimes. Both choirs spent the week “cleaning” choreography and attending to little details.

Diversity show choir performs their three songs during state. Diversity only had three songs that they learned in class. (Alexis J)

Performing Eye of the Tiger, Come what May, and Don’t Stop Me Now, Diversity performed at 4:40 pm and won a Division II rating. “I was nervous,” said freshman Mackenzie Brown. She said dancing was her favorite part. This was one of the first times Diversity won a Division II rating.

Premiere performed Son of Man, Time Machine, Free, Nothing But Vibe, and Burning Fire Burning at 6:00 pm. They also ended up winning a Division II rating. Junior Katie Birge said, “I feel like this was the best show choir performance I’ve done in the 3 years I’ve performed.” She’s excited about the next performances and thinks they’re going “only up from here.” 

Sophomore Erinchina Mark said, “We definitely performed better and became better as a team.” She said their ballot “Free” was the song she did the best with. She prised the soloist junior, Reese DeArment. “Our voices blended really well.”

Hunter Weppler sings the solo in “Son of Man.” Chaylei Carey, Carter Pellet, and Reese Dearment are all soloists as well. (Heather McKay)

Following State, Premiere will travel to Wahoo, Nebraska on Feb. 19 while Diversity will travel to North Polk on Feb. 12 at noon. If you’re not a big show choir fan, you can also watch their concert and chamber choirs on Feb. 21.