Homecoming Court is Now in Session

Homecoming royalty was recently crowned at AHS.


Lillian Stufflebeam

Chaylei Carey was crowned 2021 Homecoming Queen on Friday, Oct. 8.

Dakota Oswalt

One of the longest-running Homecoming traditions at AHS is the coronation: where two seniors, a male and female, are crowned Homecoming King and Queen. The crowning has always been held during the pep rally, with the exception of last year’s being held at the freshman football game due to COVID restrictions. However, assemblies are back which means a non-socially distanced coronation is possible.

One custom at the AHS coronation is the previous year’s King and Queen coming back to crown the new royalty. Last year’s Queen was Tessa Grooms and Craig Alan Becker served as King, with both also joining the parade.

Although Homecoming is officially back on, one aspect of the practice has been changed. In past years, the Homecoming King and Queen from the previous year would perform the ceremony by holding the crown above the heads of each member of the court. While the crown was above each person’s head, the crowd was invited to loudly cheer for who they wanted to win. Some students and faculty at AHS thought this tradition was hurtful, as some students would get more applause than others. This led to the decision to not do it this year.

The coronation was held during the pep rally on Friday, Oct. 8. The elementary school also had a pep rally that the court attended. The middle school students do not usually come to the high school pep rally, but due to the fire that occurred earlier this year, they decided to combine pep rallies. The royalty nominees were ushered down the gym floor by their parents, guardians or relatives and stood lined up on the stage with boys on the left and girls on the right. Students then eagerly awaited the crowning ceremony.

This year’s king candidates were Lee Houser, Garrett McLaren, Tyler Molina, Gannon O’Hara, Ethan Sturn, Kadin Stutzman and Julian Tribolet. The queen candidates were Ava Bruckner, Chaylei Carey, Addison DeArment, Reagan Leonard, Aspen Niklasen, Addison Schmitt and Malena Woodward. It ultimately came down to two people. Houser and Carey were named 2021 Homecoming King and Queen by the student body, with Becker and Grooms crowning the students and junior Charlotte Saluk placing a sash on each of them.

Houser thinks that being nominated for the court has been an honor, and being named King was even better. “It means I get to represent the school,” he said. His best advice to his ‘kingdom’ (the school) is to “do your homework.” Carey said she was “flabbergasted” when she was nominated to the court. “[People] were telling me ‘Hey, I voted for you’ and it felt good because me being nice paid off, “ she said. Her advice to the ‘kingdom’ is to “spread love” and “have fun while helping others have fun.” She also said that being involved in things can actually be fun once you try them.

While Homecoming and its festivities are now over, it can be said that this year’s royalty will remember it forever.

Homecoming Court is now adjourned.