More Than A Body – OPINION

The increase of social media impacts the way people see themselves.


Laney Brosam

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Laney Brosam

“You are so much more than just a body” is a phrase used by many. People everywhere spend so much time questioning their self-worth or value because they do not fulfill society’s beauty standards. Rather than embracing completely normal imperfections, the public eye has labeled them as unacceptable and disturbing. 

Social media makes a huge impact on the feelings people have towards themselves. Posts are made and positive messages are attempted to spread on multiple platforms, but they always seem to turn into negativity to bring others down. 

Body shaming is not just about showing how society views people based on their physical size and shape. It also shows judgment that is often made based on race, gender, sexuality, and disability as well. 

One of the main toxic social media platforms is TikTok. Recent trends have brought about the thoughts of “not eating today” or wishing they looked like certain influencers on several platforms. The comments on videos quickly turn positivity into negativity.

 The upbringing and popularity of photoshop also allows millions of people to alter the look of their body or change their appearance to satisfy the public eye. The problem is imperfections are shown off, negativity seems to spiral. 

This just shows society is never satisfied with anyone’s appearance. Rather than encouraging people to hate their imperfections, people should learn to embrace themselves. Among teens today, many are too busy trying to change what makes them unique to themselves to fit in with those around them. 

Recent studies also prove that having confidence in yourself can improve health. It boosts mindsets in a positive way. When you feel good about yourself, it can be perceived as being a happier person to others.