Many Pins Adds Up to 100 Wins

Junior Kadin Stutzman has obtained his 100th win.


McKenna Nelson

Junior Kadin Stutzman reaves a poster and treats after joining the 100 Win Club. Stutzman received his 100th win poster at a dual in CAM.

Reese DeArment and Lexi Reynolds

Junior Kadin Stutzman obtained his 100th win on Jan. 2 at a wrestling tournament at Eddysville High School. At the time, Stutzman felt “normal.” But when the match ended, he said it felt “awesome.” Stutzman is the first wrestler this year to join the 100 Win Club, joining senior Joe Weaver who received his 100th win last year. 

Stutzman’s win was against a wrestler from Comanche. Going into the match he had “no idea” this would be his 100th win, but that he knew his dad was keeping track of them. Stutzman had 44 wins his freshman year, around 41 wins last year, and his record is 25-1 this year. 

KADIN PINS AGAIN – Kadin Stutzman rolls his opponent onto his back for the 6-point win. The meet took place at Carroll Kuemper.

The cheerleaders were not allowed at the Eddyville’s meet, so Stutzman was awarded with a poster and treats at the next home meet in front of the crowd. 

The wrestler’s next meet is Saturday, Jan. 16 in Marion.