NEWS BRIEF – Boys Track Organizes Wednesday

Joe Weaver 2019 track season

Caroline Pellett

Joe Weaver 2019 track season

Caden Andersen and Jada Jensen

The boys track meeting will be held at 2 p.m. in the auditorium on Wednesday, Jan. 13. The meeting is open to any boys who want to compete this spring on the track team. Assistant Coach Jeremy Blake said, “This year we are starting later on March 1, due to the pandemic instead of Feb.14 like usual.” Blake hopes the sophomore class continues with the sport, as they had a big class last year. 

Because the season was pushed back, Blake assumes they will follow similar COVID-19 regulations as the cross country team did in the fall. He is hoping the team will not be required to wear masks, since they are outside and are able to practice social distancing. 

Any boys interested in track should attend the meeting on Wednesday, and contact Head Coach Abby Becker or Assistant Coach Jeremy Blake for more information.