Unfinished Halls in AHS

The current leadership class plans to finish last year’s hallway quote project.


Mckenna Nelson

The quotes in the hallway are meant to be inspirational and stand out to students. Last year’s leadership class was unable to finish them before school was shut down.

Mckenna Nelson, Staff Writer

You may have noticed that there are some empty walls in the halls of AHS. Last year’s leadership class decided to start painting inspirational quotes on the walls before quarantine. Leadership teacher Dan Vargason said the leadership class wanted to add some inspiration and color to the building in hopes that it “could possibly stand out to a student.” Although they are not finished yet, Vargason said, “We are going to have the Leadership class this semester finish them.” 

The leadership class this semester will focus on finishing what the other students started on the walls with quotes. Vargason said the class will focus on discussing these, and that, “there might be more paintings, but most likely no more quotes.” They hope that the quotes will be done as soon as possible, but they are not the biggest priority right now. They plan to start painting in the next few weeks.

Alyssa Derby is taking leadership class this semester. Derby said they hope to get the quotes done soon, but before that, “we have a few things to get done before we put full attention to the quotes.” The other project the class has in mind is decorating the halls for Halloween, as well as the windows downtown for homecoming.

Derby said, ”I took this class because I wanted to be a better leader in sports, school, and just life in general.” Derby said that her favorite part of leadership class is how Vargason lets them work together to find a conclusion in any situation. They’re currently taking notes on confidence, and types of encouragement.