Starting a Brand: Shroom Crew Outdoors

Senior Gunner Kirchhoff is working on his dream: outdoors.


Molly McFadden

Senior Gunner Kirchhoff shows off some of Shroom Crew Outdoors’ merchandise. Selling hats is one way for the brand to get advertisement and make money.

Molly McFadden, Editor

“Well, we were all mushroom hunting one day and somebody changed the group chat to ‘Shroom Crew,’” senior Gunner Kirchhoff said. That’s how it started. Kirchhoff and his friends wanted a place where they could share the adventures they go on with others, so they took to social media.

Kirchhoff, and past AHS grads Taylor Kirchner, Colton Mudd, Brandon Westphalen, and Jordan Zarbano are the people behind the social media presence that currently has 1,635 followers. The boys have been friends for over four years and have been going on outdoor family adventures much longer than that. One of Kirchhoff’s favorite memories is going flat head fishing with his friends. Kirchhoff said that they would fish “all night long. We would get the five of us together and just go fishing and have a good time on the river,” he said.

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We would get the five of us together and just go fishing and have a good time on the river.”

— Gunner Kirchhoff

Shroom Crew Outdoors is currently on Instagram and Facebook. Kirchhoff said the goal is to collect followers and try to get likes. He said that they are working to make money that will go back to improve their content. “More likes means more sponsorships,” Kirchhoff said. The boys recently purchased a Nikon camera and are working on starting a Youtube channel. He said, “Right now we are sponsored by Erickson Fishing lures out of Colorado, Apex Bucks out of Indiana, and we just got sponsored by Sent Crusher. They all have helped us grow as a business. They give us discounts and we put them on our page.”

The account features mainly photos of fishing and hunting that the boys do. Between the photos of animals and blue skies, pictures of the team’s merchandise can be found. They recently sold hats to those interested. Their goal is to make it on the Outdoor Channel. Kirchhoff said that he dreams of one day having his own TV show to document the time he spends outside.

Kirchhoff is involved in many activities at AHS including football, baseball, NHS, and FFA. When he isn’t busy playing sports or being the National Honor Society’s Sergeant at Arms, Kirchhoff can be found documenting his adventures and exploring the great outdoors.