Saying No to False Eyelashes — OPINION

Why false eyelashes should be taken out of your makeup routine.


While trendy, false eyelashes can be harmful to the eyes when worn regularly.

Kenzie Hoffman, Editor

False eyelashes have become a trend across the globe. From makeup artists to senior citizens, everyone is wearing them. But the question is, are they good for your natural eyelashes? 

The answer is no. According to Howerton Eye Clinic, false eyelashes can ruin your natural eyelashes as well as cause eye infections, allergic reactions, and eye injuries. False eyelashes won’t cause damage if you wear them inconsistently, but wearing false eyelashes frequently can cause permanent damage to the eyes. So how can you prevent eye damage?

Taking your makeup off every night, and washing your face will work wonders for your eyes and skin. Not taking off your eyelashes at night can cause irritation to your eyes, serious infection, and damage to your natural lashes. Another way to prevent eyelash damage is by taking off your false eyelashes carefully instead of ripping them off. False eyelashes are glued to your eyelash line, and tearing them off can cause your natural eyelashes to fall out.  

Skin renews itself overnight. This means sleeping in your makeup causes clogged pores, breakouts, and faster aging of the skin. The beauty brand Neutrogena said makeup is made of oily substances that shouldn’t be left on your skin overnight. 

Another reason why false eyelashes can harm your skin is the adhesive. The adhesive used to apply false eyelashes can cause an allergic reaction to your skin around your eyes, which can cause permanent damage. Some ingredients in eyelash glue include paraben, ammonia, formaldehyde, and lead. All of these products are extremely harmful to your eyes.  

Many people wear false eyelashes without knowing the consequences. Wearing mascara is much more beneficial than false eyelashes. You don’t have to use any adhesive, and at the end of the day, all you need to take off mascara is a makeup wipe or makeup remover. But taking off false eyelashes the right way requires removing them carefully, wiping away all of the adhesive, as well as the mascara used to blend the natural lashes with the false ones.