Prom Fashion Trends

The annual festivities are nearing, with Prom taking place on Saturday, April 4.



Senior Erin Barrick and Joel Behrens pose at Grand March last year. The theme for Prom 2019 was “A Night in Europe.”

Addie DeArment, Staff Writer

Prom 2020 is right around the corner, which means it’s time for attendees to show off their style. Prom is a way students can express themselves. Students choose anything from floral print to basic colors, as well as prints and designs that will show off their individual style. With such a large variety of prints available, ranging from subtle to bold, there’s never a dull moment with this year’s trends. 

Most students have already found their dresses for Prom 2020. The most popular trend for Prom this year is floral print. Junior Haley Rassmussen bought her dress about a month ago and said she fell in love the minute she saw it. Rassmussen said, “I followed one of the main trends this year and decided on a floral dress.” Floral dresses highlight poise and grace and show off a more feminine side. Floral prints can go anywhere from large, powerful flowers to smaller, decal flowers to lace. This trend has a lot of variety which is why it’s one of the most popular fits this season.

Another popular trend this year is the ballgown style. Senior Chloe Davis said she was originally wanting a more tight-fitted dress like she had last year, but ended up choosing a shimmery ball gown dress. Her gown is blue-grey in color. Junior Jenna Pelzer also went for the ball gown dress style. “I had a very specific style I wanted and I honestly didn’t think I would like a ball gown dress.” Pelzer’s dress is a navy blue color with flowers and beading that trickles all the way down to the tool of her dress. With ball gown dresses, there’s a lot of style variation. Shoppers can go for a dress that sparkles and shines like Davis’, or a dress that shows off more decals and beading like Pelzer’s. 

The last big trend of this year is the all-around sparkle effect. Junior Kennedy Goergen’s dress follows this trend exactly. Goergen’s dress starts off with full force of glitz with the sparkles eventually trickling out where the skirt starts. Senior Tayler Burg’s dress also has sparkles. “I chose a sparkly dress because I loved the look and I wanted my dress to stand out from all the others,” Burg said. Her dress starts off as a pale pink color and fades into silver with sparkles all around. There’s many dresses this year that show off more of a glam style with the sparkles and shimmers.

Atlantic’s Prom will be held on Saturday, April 4 and the theme is Roaring 20s. Students start the night by taking pictures with friends and family. They then head to the Atlantic Golf and Country Club for Pre-Prom. Then, students will show off their dresses for the community at Grand March before entering the dance. Students at AHS look forward to Prom all year long and it’s finally their time to shine.