Superb Substitute

Filling in for absent teachers isn’t the only thing Julie Kennon does.


Julie Kennon

Substitute teacher Julie Kennon takes a selfie. Kennon can be found at the high school four to eight days a month.

Molly McFadden, Editor

Substitute teachers play an important role in the school. Many substitutes have become familiar faces around AHS. Students know their names and a lot of substitutes know the high schoolers’ names as well. One prime example of an iconic sub is none other than Julie Kennon.

Kennon only substitute teaches at Atlantic High School. She can be found subbing four to eight days a month. In order to get a substituting job, a notification is sent out electronically and then she must sign up for the task. Before the notifications came to be, Kennon said the school had to call through their substitute list in order to find someone.

Kennon decided to go back to school in order to get her teaching degree. She then taught history and social studies classes in Walnut for four years. After this, she quit her job in order to take care of her grandparents. “They have always felt more like parents to me,” Kennon said. 

After making the decision to stop teaching, Kennon didn’t want her degree and talent to go to waste. She began using her spare days to sub in Atlantic.

Her favorite subjects to substitute for are history and P.E. She enjoys subbing for P.E., especially if she can “get in the game.” Kennon’s competitive side comes out during these games because she played many sports as a child. She also participated in band and choir throughout her high school years.

It’s different because I know the kids who are playing.”

— Julie Kennon

Kennon comes to many sporting events and activities in order to support AHS students. She enjoys watching the students she sees in the classroom compete in these activities. “It’s different because I know the kids who are playing,” she said.

Her least favorite thing about substitute teaching is disrespectful students, but her favorite part is getting to see and interact with different pupils.

In her free time, Kennon can be found outdoors. She said she does all the mowing at her house, which totals to four and a half acres. She also enjoys gardening. Her family has one outside dog named Lolo. The pooch got her name from the hurdler, Lolo Jones.

She can often be found volunteering for the Red Cross. Kennon responds to victims of catastrophes like house fires. Sometimes these events happen in the middle of the night and Kennon wakes up to offer her assistance. She asks the victims questions and from there can help them meet their needs. She is able to make sure they have money for food and can get a hotel room for the night.

There’s more to this familiar face than what comes to light a few days a month. With a love for sports and gardening, Kennon’s bubbly personality will be coming to a classroom near you.