The Game of the Decade: “Minecraft” — REVIEW

Released in 2011, “Minecraft” is a game that stood the test of a decade.



Over 176 million copies of “Minecraft” have been sold around the world.

Drew Engler, Staff Writer

When you think of decade-defining media, what is the first thing that comes to mind? I think we all can agree that “Minecraft” has been one of the biggest trends of the decade. It would be unethical to talk about how great the 2010s were without talking about “Minecraft.” According to Statista, “Minecraft” sold 176 million copies worldwide, which makes it the best-selling video game of all time as of May 2019. Let’s dive into this absolutely legendary game.

“Minecraft” is a charming, blocky game where the player is placed in a randomly-generated world, where their only limit is their imagination, and resources if they are playing in Survival. Speaking of, there are two main modes in “Minecraft”: Survival and Creative. Survival plays out like a traditional game. It has many challenges and obstacles, so players must find shelter, mine resources, and fight monsters in order to survive. Players end up making giant forts, houses, and much more if they put enough time into Survival. In the end, it all feels like one big adventure. 

Now let’s say you aren’t fond of challenge and would like to play “Minecraft” for the creation it allows. Players are able to do this as well in this flexible game. In Creative mode, players can use their unlimited resources to build whatever they wish. The possibilities are endless–massive castles, life-like cities, puzzling mazes, and huge statues can all be built in Creative mode. Players can visit other worlds designed by separate individuals in order to grab some inspiration. 

This game heavily encourages multiplayer. Just recently, “Minecraft” released a new update where you can play with your friends through Xbox, Playstation, PC, Nintendo Switch, and on mobile devices. 

I’ve had a wonderful experience with this game. I have played “Minecraft” since 2012. I have seen how the game has risen, fallen, and rose to the top again. Its gameplay is so simple, which is the beauty of it. I’ve made so many bridges, towers, and castles in “Minecraft,” and it hasn’t gotten old yet. “Minecraft” lets you play at your own pace and make your own story, which is something many games can’t seem to touch. 

Even after a full decade of the game being released, “Minecraft” still gets major updates that keep the game fresh and interesting, but not too often to the point where long-time players can’t keep up. “Minecraft” is just that one game that everyone knows, and in my opinion is the best trend of the decade.

This game doesn’t have a story, that’s for you to decide. There is a little something for everyone in this legendary game. 

In conclusion, “Minecraft” is the game that all can play. It has gotten to the point where “Minecraft” is more than just a game, but a bustling community too. If this game isn’t a perfect ten out of ten, then no game is.